Tonight's Private Practice Episode: "Past Tense"

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Tonight on an all-new Private Practice, an office election pits Sam and Naomi against each other - and the results of that vote may surprise you.

Addison treats a young Afghan girl who is trying to hide her past, while Cooper's interesting personal choices catch up with his professional life.

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I was wondering, what is the name of the song that was played when Charlotte broke down in her office and threw everything off the tables?


"Cry Baby" by Dukes of DaVille
off their debut LP entitled MILLENNIUM MUSIC
Trakkaddixx/Capitol Records
For more information, check them out at


the last song of the episode is called "cry baby" by "dukes of daville"


The song at the end of the credits: I found a version of it! Artist: Dukes of DaVille ft. Donnie Cross
Title: Cry Baby Try that!


I can't find the song!!!!!!!!!
Are you sure?
What's the album?


So, I'm back. The episode was great - I'm looking forward to seeing how the writers deal with Addison running the 'show', and I'm excited that Maya will be in the episode next week - I like her. The whole thing about Violet and not lying about rape was interesting - I hope that will be explored further. What do people think about Meg? Love? Hate? Not sure? It's hard to base a character on one appearance, I will admit. I mean, I hated Addie when she arrived on Grey's, and now she's my absolute favorite. Great acting this week, as usual. Kate Walsh just keeps getting better. Happy Halloween, everyone!


thanks chartruse!! you do rock :)


I have to say, Kedison are a real hot couple. Addison and Peter never did it for me, but Addie and Kevin ... wow sooo cute together. He has a nice smirk.


Ron - Meg's character is played by Jayne Brook. Loved the episode - Kevin and Addison are making me want to change my username! More later.


the song is by dukes of daville called cry baby.
ya i know..i rock. :)


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Lucas's mom is amazing.


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