90210 Spoilers: The Future of Brenda

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Brenda Walsh is not dying. Let's get that out of the way up front.

Despite rumors that the beloved 90210 character would be given a terminal illness, we've received reports that Brenda will be suffering through a different medical crisis.

Sources close the series say she'll be dealing with fertility issues when the show returns with new episodes on January 6, something that should at least keep Brenda's mind off her latest foray into bed with the wrong man.

Kelly vs. Brenda

Oops, she did it again. Brenda admitted to Kelly last night that she slept with Ryan.

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Was IS the future of Brenda? I was really disappointed with Hello, Goodbye, Amen - and the promo was very misleading in my opinion.


I want Kelly&Ryan to be together! :D Brenda is so annoying! D:


This isn't 90210 the original show. Sleeping with your friend's love interest is purely unforgiveable. So Kelly slept with Dylan, yeah it is a huge deal but it happened years ago. Forgive and Forget, you don't do that to people period. Brenda could and should have been the bigger person. Brenda sleeping with Ryan is on all levels wrong, even if they weren't exclusive you could tell Kelly and Ryan had a thing. Brenda needs to get over the high school drama and move on. Brenda having Dylan's baby would be wrong and it would ruin the already tense relationship between Kelly and Brenda, if Brenda was out for revenge she should have never forgiven Kelly in the first place.


I love it if Brenda did have Dylan's baby.That's what most fans want to see.A Brenda & Dylan reunion.


I have no sympathy for Kelly. She has no right to get mad at Brenda. Kelly wasn't dating Ryan. Not like when she hooked up with Dylan, her best friend's boyfriend. I hope this show doesn't make Kelly smell like roses like the old show.


I hope that Brenda is pregnant with DYLAN's baby. After all, he did call her so that would mean they were in touch. I think she just lied to Kelly that night at the house about whether or not she was fooling around with Dylan. I just think that Brenda thought she "couldn't" get pregnant, and she's going to be surprised! Why else would Kelly and Brenda's friendship worsen (so we are told)?


Brook..if u hate this show..then y r u watchin it nd on the website postin comments..if u want to post maybe u should post somethin positive..thank u..


I totally agree Brooke.Yes Kelly did have problems.


um didn't kelly have firtility issues when she was with brandon? seriously, thats why i hate this show. its like the same plot as the orginal show. new brother and sister come to town. friend steals friends boytoy. see a pattern??


i agree kelly slept with dylan brenda first love payback has happened i don't feel sorry for kelly

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