90210 Spoilers: The Return of Adam Gregory

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As 90210 fans count down the days until January 6 - when new episodes of the series return - we hope the following spoilers can at least tide you over:

  • As previously rumored, Adrianna is pregnant. But Navid the daddy? It was recently revealed that the video geek is a virgin... but (remember, kids), it only takes one time.
  • Adam Gregory (pictured) will return to West Beverly High School. Gregory, of course, portrays Ty Collins on the show. He'll stir up trouble for one of the show’s leading ladies.
Adam Gregory Image

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I think Eric is the daddy because that was the only guy who she was around the most(Eric is the drug dealer).LizzyB, Ty and and Adrienna may be going out in real life, but on the show they haven't had any contact(She did trick Annie pretending they slept together for revenge). The only other guy that could be the dad is George because they seem buddy buddy all the time. We know it's not Navid because he's a virgin, anyhow that's my take on this one.


Yay he's back!


OMG this is the best news ever....I'm so excited Ty is returning hopefully for good I love him :)


Adrianna's preggers and Ty is returning...hmmm...my money's on Ty being the baby daddy!

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