"All By Myself" Sneak Previews

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First, a brief programming note: This Thursday, November 27, ABC will be airing "Dream a Little Dream of Me" from 9-11 p.m. This was the Season Five premiere.

Next week, the show will return with a new episode, "All By Myself."

When we learn anything about the show's upcoming TV schedule, we post it in the box on our site's right-hand sidebar. We try to update this as much as possible!

On to the sneak peeks of "All By Myself." In case you were worried that Denny went away ... he's didn't. In fact, he's following Izzie wherever she goes! Watch for him in the clip below, in which Richard explains who's getting the big solo surgery and why ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/all-by-myself-sneak-preview-1/" title="All By Myself: Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second clip of Alex kissing Izzie, much to Denny's chagrin. We also posted the preview of the episode that aired after last Thursday's show ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/all-by-myself-sneak-preview-2/" title="All By Myself: Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/all-by-myself-promo/" title="All By Myself Promo"] [/video]

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If anyone can impress Dr. Dixon, it'll be Cristina - the Cardio God! hahahaha. Hopefully she redeems herself by doing what she does best...


how soon to we lose denny for good? never liked the character (actor is ok) but they never sold me on why Izzie loved him in the first place. and now this dead guy story is just taking up time, get it over with already.


George better get that surgery and I want him to work with Izzie. I miss them.


I am so with you on all points. WHY THE HELL is CRISTINA TAKING ALL THIS HEAT for LEXIE??? The CHIEF IS SO WAY OFF BASE on this one. I cannot stand him talking to Cristina this way. I'm so pissed with Mer right now, I could slap her. How in the hell can she just sit by and NOT SAY ANYTHING?? They are suppose to be each others person. I guess Mer REALLY doesn't know what that means!!! Cristina has ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR MER 100% of the time. And they wonder WHY Cristina SHUTS people OUT????
I think Cristina picks Alex, and he picks Cristina to assist.
I think Alex found out what went down and tries to right a wrong. Alex is always for the underdog. If this is the case. Good job man, WELL DONE!!!
Someone has to make this RIGHT FOR CRISTINA!!!!


i don't kno who cristina picks?? wouldnt her not picking mer just be doing to mer what mer did to cristina...leave her high and dry and no loyalty? i get that shes mad, but i would even be okay with cristina picking mer and mer chooses cristina to scrub in with her or she's not doing it. something like that. remember they don't do this mushy thing bc they are cristina and meredith....anyway...on the Mer didnt stand up for cristina thing--something tells me mer wasnt taught to stand up for herself when an authority figure is yelling at her. and if cristina really is her bff then why didnt she give mer a heads up about the secret intern fight club in the first place. then mer could have been better prepared to stand up for her, but she was taken by surprise....anyway thats my rant so agree? disagree?


Hahahah.. Very funny..
No! Seriously!
I really like Izzie being Crazy because I think that George will take care of her. George will love Izzie, Izzie will not love George and Lexie is currently and will love George.. Another love triangle. I totally hate Sadie. Hope she leaves, hope Hahn gets back.. Dam! I loved her I dont.. Well .. I am sure that George will be picked and Izzie will scrub in. Because we see in the trailer Mer being alone in the observatory. So she is observing who??.. George and Izzie. Why would she look at Izzie and Alex? huh!..
I hope we'll see more George's relationships moments.
Maybe even.. George catching back Callie u know! Anyway. I loved and I'll love Grey's.
PS: What's Owen McNickname??..


omg sneak peek 2 was hallrious!! in sneak peek 1 the chief said all the residents picked christina. isnt derek a resident? so he picked her over Mer? btw, this season needs more merder scenes!!


uggh. denny. why is he here?! he is making izzies life SO much harder. like how is she supposed to move on if he is right there criticizing her?


i actually think cristina will pick izzie and alex will think he is scrubbing in bout she will want george to or something like that. but i agree if mer gets all mad at derek for not picking her i will scream! you could see by the way she walked away that she was not happy!


i think she will pick george and he will have to decide whether to pick mer or izzie. i don't think its fair that cristina doesn't get to do the surgery. i mean every attending picked her which im sure mer isn't going to let go so easily. i swear if she says something to derek about not picking her i will be so mad!!!

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