Another Sneak Preview of "The Magnificent Archibalds"

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Our apologies for the lateness of this one. Here's another sneak peek from tonight's new Gossip Girl episode, "The Magnificent Archibalds," that we haven't posted yet.

Click here for the other two sneak previews. In the clip below, good ol' Dan oh-so-helpfully tries to talk about Serena with Aaron Rose, who he bumps into at the store...

[video url="" title="The Magnificent Archibalds Sneak Preview #3"][/video]

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i think the great couple is D and S.. Let's take them together.. They're sweet...


hahaha, cmon Dan, if you try to get Serena back, you will succeed. in episode 3 she said: i still love you (in that direction) Aaron is not ugly, but i don't like him because he hookes up with Serena. i was a bit shocked when he said that he dated more girls at the same time. he doesn't work for Serena. Dan is too cute!


lol did dan just totally call S a drunk??? lol omg way to call a girl out dan. lol that was kinda messed up.


OMG! It's totally NOT Dan/Penn's voice when he says, "You two are getting serious..." that is so creepy! Dubbing gone wrong!


That was so awkward for Dan, it was almost painful.
And why was Aaron being such a dick?
"Apparently you don't know Serena as well as you think you do..."
Get off it, you prick.
Way to go Dan though with the comeback.
That's my guy!!


is it just me or is it that when dan says "you two are getting serious", it's not dan's voice?


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thats so awkward...i can barely watch lol


ew aaron grosses me out. like when him and serena kiss i almost gag. i wish dan would just say the right thing for once and get her back. cause if i have to look at aaron again i might puke.

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