Ausiello Says Lipstick Jungle Getting the Axe

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According to Michael Ausiello of EW, Lipstick Jungle not only got moved to Friday but also got the axe.  He said the writers were asked to clear out their office last week.

We absolutely hate to report this but we figured it's better we sent it to you then you finding it on your own.  Of course, Ausiello isn't always right about everything and the network does still claim to be behind the show.

Kirby Delivers Drinks

Hey Kirby, can you get me a drink?  I need it.

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Victory: As long as your my boss there's no point in discussing a romantic relationship.
Joe: That leaves is in a bit of a pickle doesn't it? And pickles and truffles. Not sexy.

So we out of creamer?