Chris Harrison Speaks on DeAnna Pappas Breakup

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It was a shocking breakup none of us saw coming.

Chris Harrison opened up Monday about the recent split of the latest star of The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, and her former fiancé, Jesse Csincsak.

The host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette told 104.3 MY fm's Valentine in the Morning: "DeAnna went to Breckenridge last week and broke up with Jesse. He was stunned. I've talked to Jesse several times, and he did not see it coming."

Harrison, Chris

Chris Harrison claims DeAnna Pappas leaked the break-up to the press early.

"They agreed that this was not gonna get out to the public until Thursday, they were going to release a joint statement and try and keep this above board, and she went out on her own, leaked it, and so he's just feeling a little beat up."

"He really truly loved DeAnna," Chris Harrison said of Jesse Csincsak.

"He was so happy and he's like, 'Let's just go, let's go to Breckenridge, let's go to Atlanta, let's get the heck out of here, and let's live our lives. Let's just get to know each other and hang out.'"

Interestingly, Harrison says that DeAnna Pappas - for all her laid-back, authentic, down to earth charm, has big Hollywood dreams.

He says Pappas has been getting "bad advice" from people like "paparazzi guys, and other people that she's been running into that have filled her head with, you know, these dreams that she's going to come to Hollywood and make it big and do all this stuff. And I think her head's getting a little bigger than it should and I think that's led to this as well."

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It was obvious that DeAnna was madly in love with Graham! She went on and on about how she felt like a school girl around him, and she told him frankly that she was in love with him, that it was HARD to call out the names of the other guys! She liked him, and he wasn't so into her! She was so heartbroken about him that she decided so choose Jesse because she knew they would break up sooner or later! Ps I was so glad when she didn't pick Jeremy Anderson because he can do SO much better than her!


Christy, DeAnna isn't from Atlanta. She is from a very small town maybe a couple of hours from Atlanta. I could drive to her town from mine in about 30 minutes. Even though I don't know her personally, I am very familiar with the town and know people from there. Anyone from there, believe me is pretty down to earth. Everyone says that she is a simple and great girl. Wierd things have happened to her because she was on the show. People shouldn't judge her because she couldn't make it work with Jesse. I loved Jesse, too, and wish him well but geez, all woman make mistakes in love. I hope she finds true love, she deserves it. As far me, I have made many "unintentional" mistakes. Unfortunately love is an intense yet fickle thing. Good luck, DeAnna.


Honestly, I felt bad for her with Brad and was glad to see her get the opportunity to find someone great but I think she knew when she chose Jesse, it wasn't gonna work. I mean seriously! How does a girl from Atlanta that looks like she does move out to colorado or wherever and be snowed in half the year and live the kind of life she's used to on the funds he's used to surviving on? Oh well, it's her loss! Money isn't everything and I hope Jason doesn't let her play him into that heart ache again. I'd love to see him put the hoof in her butt and send her packin' back to Hotlanta with her duffle bag in her hand. She's cute but beauty isn't all on the outside if who cares if you've "got game" if no one wants to play! :-)


I knew what she was by how ugly she acted on the Bachelor and couldn't believe it when they picked her for the Bachelorette. I never could stand her and I certainly won't watch this fake bi|ch on anything, much less a wedding show! I'm not going to waste my time watching the Bachelor after all this after the last one and after them picking her for the Bachelorette. Anyway, I said after she picked Jesse that it wouldn't last long, but anybody could have seen that one coming.


I knew right from the beginning she was just a phony. She just wanted to be in front of the camera, pose and show off. One thing she was good at was talking and manipulating people. I don't feel sorry for any of the guys either, other than that real estate guy who came back saying that he wants to be with her. Anyway the whole show is a total sham. We are better off reading some interesting books and doing something more productive than watching all these shows.


Wow, how sad. I knew it, I knew it would not last! You can see it in her face that she was not really into him. I think she wanted Jason, but her son "was in the way." I felt bad for her when she was left standing alone in the last Bachelor, so doesn't she know how devastated Jesse is for not letting him go then? What a loser, she does not deserve ANOTHER chance!


she should have went with the normal one the single dad.. but he has a 2nd chance this season


I am disappointed that DeAnna turned out to be so shallow. Jesse is so real - I cannot imagine NOT being in love with someone like him. Now that we know DeAnna's real motives (stardom), I prefer not to see her phoney face again. I hope Jesse finds the wonderful, adoring, REAL woman that he THOUGHT DeAnna was.


DeAnna was so hurt by Brad from Austin,Tx---Well what she did was the same.-So she deserved it. I was so excited that she was different and chose Jesse from her heart, but in reality she used him to get stardem and let it go to her head. She will very lonely wherever she goes!


Deanna is a demon.