DeAnna Pappas Breaks Up with Jesse Csincsak

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Say it ain't so, DeAnna Pappas!

In stunning news, last year's Bachelorette has broken up with Jesse Csincsak. The heartbroken man himself relayed the news to fans in an hysterial video. Check it out now:

[video url="/videos/jesse-csincsak-heartbroken/" title="Jesse Csincsak, Heartbroken"] [/video]

Considering this development, we have two words for the newly single DeAnna: Jason Mesnick. Think about it.

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After seeing the first Bachelor show with Jason as the Bachelor..I AM SICK that they allowed DeAnna to come back to that show and mess with his head and tell him that she made a mistake with Jesse. GOOD GRIEF, SHE MADE HER BED NOW SHE SHOULD LIE IN IT. And I'm sick that she is now co-hosting a wedding show on Lifetime. I think all the women that go on there want this fame and celebrity crap. So sorry Jesse, I knew it would happen. How many have stayed together. ONE! Too bad, so sad. Go get a "real" girl, you deserve it!


Hey, Jesse I know your heart is hurting. That girl was not in love with you. You deserve someone much better and you will find that person. Once, again she was all wrapped up in the hype of the show, then reality sets in. The only couple still together is Trista and Ryan. I am done watching them. Hit the slopes Jessie, lots of snow in Colorado.


Jesse....I watched you week after week....holding my breath until she called your name. I AM SO SORRY WHAT SHE DID TO YOU!! If I were younger I would do all I could to help you get over this tough time. I am so saddened by this outcome. I was checking on line to see about your wedding plans, and ran across this terricle announcement. There is someone out there so much better for you than her. I wish you the best of luck...Jeanne


Does she take us for fools who don`t remember what she`s done and said? It`s one thing to not know your own mind even when you`re firmly stating you do, but to manipulate, embarrass, and hurt someone as she did to Jesse is unforgiveable. I`ll not watch anything she is in!
Did I hear she only stayed with Jesse until she won the Reality TV Award? The same question the runner-up always asks, "when did you know"? So did she stay even thou she knew she would break it off until she got the award? LOW.


YES...but more bipolar than manic. You know in the "I love you" then "but I'm not in love with you" kind of way...crazy B.


did you think she was a little manic. look for the signs. it makes a big difference in her behavior.


Gosh, I'm disappointed in you DeAnna. Jesse - my heart goes out to you! DeAnna - you lied to us. You are not an ordinary girl. You are someone who thinks because you received a little bit of fame and an award you are what Hollywood wants. Shame on you DeAnna for making such a big deal about being dumped by Brad and then you dump Jesse. SHAME ON YOU! You have no more fans, Jesse has the fan base now. Get your act together and stop hurting people! Jesse - just keep being yourself. I am sure there is a girl waiting for you now! You are a cool dude! Don't change. If I were younger and not married, I'd ask you out!


Your perfect soulmate is out there just waiting for you Jesse. She'll find you. I think Deanna will regret her decision down the road.


If trista (1st Bacholorette) couldn't make it in Hollywood, the Deanna chick never will. Deanna isn't very pretty and her personality is even worse. That down home crap of hers is sickening.


Jessie, I was all for you until I read about your other relationship while doing the show. Who's Megan? No wonder DeAnna wanted a new start. I think you had better come clean to your fans about this messy situation. Maybe you should do a new video!