Gossip Girl Caption Contest 27

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Welcome to the 27th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is chuckylover. Congrats! Honorable mentions go to enunciiate and iheartchuck. All of you sent in great ones, though. Great job.

Scroll down to see the winning entry and the full list of amusing captions submitted this week. Thanks for playing and good luck in next week's contest!

Dan Makes a New Friend

Dan: Wait, you're telling me one garbage bag can carry three dead cast members?
Guy: Yup, that's the power of Glad Bags!

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wow! honorable mention?
that's whats up!


Dan- I don't come cheap you know, but since it's your first time i'll charge you $50.
Guy- Wow, your dad only charges $25.


can you lend me your jacket? i have a dance to go to.


D: I know this is really weird but....... um I have no date to this ball thing. Will you go with me?


D: Listen, if you really, really want me to hook you up with Serena, you need to promise me one thing.
Guy: What's that?
D: That you won't wear that sweatshirt.


Dan:Hey I haven't seen you in a long time.Looks like ur growing a beard...and a little fat.
FatG:Oh remember that time when I stuffed you in that trashcan?
Dan:when was that?
FatG(stuffs Dan in trashcan)


Dan- I've only lost a staring contest to Cedric, Jenny tells me that he cheats. I just don't know how he does it.


Today is the weekly meeting for Horribly Dressed Anonymous!


Dan: "YOU'RE Gossip Girl!?"


Dan: You have really pretty eyes ...

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