Gossip Girl Caption Contest 27

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Welcome to the 27th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is chuckylover. Congrats! Honorable mentions go to enunciiate and iheartchuck. All of you sent in great ones, though. Great job.

Scroll down to see the winning entry and the full list of amusing captions submitted this week. Thanks for playing and good luck in next week's contest!

Dan Makes a New Friend

Dan: Wait, you're telling me one garbage bag can carry three dead cast members?
Guy: Yup, that's the power of Glad Bags!

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Dan:is there room for two in that box?


Guy: Do you want to taste my dick?
Dan: What
Guy: i said do u want to taste my drink?


Dan:you got the stuff
Dan:Nates dad said that you had the best
Guy:yea i havent seen him around he was my best customer


Dan:you got the stuff


The person who chooses the winners, please read this.
I think it would be relly awesome if you gave a 2nd place and a 3rd place! Then we know if ours was close or something. Just shooting an idea.


Looks like Dan finally found some friends that have less money than him.


Guy: So, You're the writer?!
Dan: Yes, why?
Guy: You look more like a gay-striper.
Dan: And you look more like a fat garbage man then a New York Times literary agent, but do you see me complaining?


Dan: Have you seen my sister? She has short blond hair, raccoon eyes, and throws tantrums? Garbage Guy: Yeah, shes lying on some garbage bags behind me. Dan: What? Garbage Guy: She needed to find some material for her designs and a place to stay!


GOSSIP GIRL: What's this? Lonely boy making a deal? And who's he making it with? Could this be some sort of plot against our beloved S, and if it is, why is he doing it? Well, we'll just have to keep looking into this. Ta ta for now.
Gossip Girl


Dan:If you dye your hair black we could be twins. But you got to lose the psycho jacket
Guy:can i bring my trash?
Dan:Only if your a good boy.

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