Gossip Girl Photos From "The Magnificent Archibalds"

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Here's a gallery of promotional photos from "The Magnificent Archibalds." We also posted the episode's first promo, and will add sneak peeks as soon as they're available.

Click to enlarge any of the thumbnails below ...

Little J Humphrey
van der Woodsen Women
That Tiny Man
Eleanor and Cyrus
Stunning Serena
Cyrus Rose
Rose, Aaron
Bundled Up Serena
A Preppy Serena
Mom and Daughter
van der Hottie
A Father's Love
Cooking Up Something
No Reception?
Oh, V
Strange Family Reunion
Keeping a Secret
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rawrr, can you just shut the fuck up
we all have different body types- every single one of us
can we just drop the weight topic thing and the only one with a weight problem is Leighton's CHARACTER since Blair is bulimic


jenny is not pretty. she looks stupid lik she has a low IQ nd i kno a lot of girls hu hav a natural skinny frame....bt thats different 2 her! she dosnt hav a skinny frame....her frames jus plain famished>>>>>her thighs r thinner than her legs!!!


jus now saw the pics for the 12th episode..woooooooooooooow chunk nd blair r sooooooo gorgeous...finally i hope they r together...love them both aaaaa!!!! here s the link
see t nd enjoy!!!


chairluverx are you retarted? of course people can be naturally skinny. maybe you're not, but a LOT of 15 year olds, including me, have a frame like taylors. and once again, you are comapring a 15-year-old to a 22-year-old. obviously lieghton is gonna look more mature, coz she is 22 and taylor is 15. duhh. and tayor is very pretty. its jenny you don't like, even though you hate her that doesn't make her any less pretty.


im 14 nd my body looks healthier than jennys!!!!! its nt her natural shape becoz its neva a natural skinny frame if ur thighs r skinnier than ur calves. nd jeny is nt pretty compared 2 leighton meester!! she looks dumb. bt thats jus coz i dnt lik her character on the show!! nd omg ure rite she is pretty hunchbacked its creepy......


HEY! the promos are on YOUTUBE. Look up the CW account. there are 2. one is of Lily and Jenny talking and the other of Serena and Blair talking. WATCH!


OK so the episode is called "The Magnificent Archibald" and there is not even one picture of Nate???!!! WTF!


Penelope, are you jealous? you seem like a super dooper jealous chick who wishes she was as pretty as the gossip girl cast. and you people saying taylor is too skinny, remember she's only 15 and her body hasn't developed yet. you can't compare a 15-year-olds body to a 22 year-old's body and say that compared to the others she is skinny. OF COURSE a 15 year old will appear skinny next to a 22 year old. anyway they are all beautiful and healthy so who cares who is skinnier anyway?


jessica is actually really skinny. look at pics of her. she's not anorexic like the 90210 girls at least (!!) but she's def skinnier than blake and leighton.


i disagree, i actually think they are pretty skinny.
not over the top skinny like jenny,
but still pretty darn skinny

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