Gossip Girl "Webisodes" to Feature ... Dorota

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Yesterday, we reported on the Rufus and Lily webisodes that the Gossip Girl writers were allegedly creating. Well, hold that thought.

Gossip Girl creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz tells E! Online that the concept won't be going forward, and instead, another Gossip Girl favorite is going to be featured in the new mobile content instead: Dorota!

Yes, Eleanor and Blair Waldorf's loyal, funny and oft-burdended housekeeper and confidante is finally going to get some glory of her own.

According to Schwartz, talks of a Young-Lily-and-Rufus web series were nixed and replaced with "a special Verizon series all about Dorota."

Or, as Blair would say, "DOROTA!!??"

Gossip Girl signed a deal with Verizon late last year that puts a variety of Verizon phones in the hands of our Upper East Side faves and has now paved the way for a Verizon-exclusive look at the secret life of Dorota.

Should be interesting if nothing else!

Zuzanna Szadkowski

 Zuzanna Szadkowski portrays the Waldorfs' put-upon housekeeper, Dorota.

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WHAT?Dorota has pretty eyes n' hair!
She's so cool, the scenes btween Blair and Dorotaa are hilarious
Dorota's like her mother i mean, Dorota is Blair's MOTHER!
she is so nice HAHAHAAH Dorota is way better than other "principal characters" !


lol she is like my fav person on gossip girl
"god is always watching"


thats pretty cool. itd be nice to see what dorota does when shes not being a 'slave 4 u' to waldorfs.


Yay!! Now everyone's favourite domestic servant gets a bit of glory.


i think the actor is not that old in real life (?)


Dorota rocks! I love her scenes with Blair. They both have great comedic timing. I hope we see more interaction between the two since she's the only one that really pays any attention to Blair. "Remember, Miss Blair...GOD is always watching!"


dorota is so cool!


definitely looking forward to this.. but it would've been nice to see the history of rufus and lily too =(


dorota hot! :)


I love Dorota, probably my second favorite character right after Blair. She's just funny and adorable with her accent! And I love it when she says Miss Blair.


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