Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "These Ties That Bind"

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While fans gather in our These Ties That Bind" include the show's new direction, Cristina and Owen, Little Sloan and Little Grey, and the lack of MerDer drama ...

1. So, Grey's Anatomy appears to be the new Ghost Whisperer. Are you happy with this direction?

McCritic: No. I'm all for fairy tale love... in fairy tales! Shonda and the writers can't take pride in how realistic their show depicts relationships, only to create a story line based around interaction with a ghost.

missingBurke: I'm all for more Denny Duquette, but this development strains credulity.

iheartizzie: Hallucinations occur when an individual has a tumor in the temporal lobe of one's brain. Therefore, I can only imagine this angle is a way for the show to slowly reveal Izzie's long-rumored brain tumor. If that's the case, you gotta hand it to the writers for crafting an interesting (and handsome!) way to bring on the disease.

It's Just Izzie

Has Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) officially lost it?

2. Will Mark heed Derek's advice and keep "Little Sloan" away from "Little Grey?"

iheartizzie: Unlikely. That's like someone on The Bachelor actually finding love on the show.

McCritic: I'm actually gonna say yes. Via his relationship with Callie, a softer side has developed to Mark. He'll respect his best friend's wishes.

missingBurke: Of course not. Mark isn't a bad guy, but the part of the body he thinks with isn't exactly in his head.

3. The addition of Sadie: YAY-die? Or NAY-die?

missingBurke: Her first few scenes felt a bit forced. She leaps into bed with Meredith, she takes off her shirt and cuts herself. Must the writers bludgeon viewers over the head right away with just how free-spirited Sadie appears to be?

McCritic: You're asking this question solely due to the witty way in which it's phrased, aren't you? Well played, Round Table writers! It's early, but so far Sadie seems like an enjoyable injection of enthusiasm.

iheartizzie: She has potential, even if it's just as an obstacle in the friendship between Cristina and Meredith. For a pair of dark and twisty people, they get along way too well.

4. How long until Cristina and Hunt take their relationship to the on-call room level (if you know what we mean!)?

McCritic: Dr. Hunt means business. He and Cristina may go steady at one point, but I can't see the goateed doctor engaging in any on-call room activity that doesn't involve sleep.

iheartizzie: However long it takes viewers to come up with a nickname for the potential couple. The most obvious possibility is likely too X-rated.

missingBurke: Soon, and when we least expect. The sparks between these two are so red hot, they may explode at any time.

5. Do you yearn for more Mer-Der drama this season?

iheartizzie: Yes. And I have a suspicion Sadie will provide it.

missingBurke: I just yearn for Derek to stop wearing a shirt in bed. Come on, McDreamy, it's gotta be hot in Seattle!

McCritic: No way. Meredith and Derek are finally at peace in their relationship. Isn't that what viewers have been clamoring for? Let's enjoy their normalcy.

Four Docs

Will Sadie (Melissa George, right) cause friction between Meredith and Derek?

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I felt like I was watching science fiction. The cutting, stitching, iv's and ghost is a little much. I do think Christina is guilty for the deal with the interns. I really like her, but she needed to teach those guys. Why didn't Baily keep a better eye on that situation? I have not missed an episode since the beginning. I have all the season's on dvd and have watched them over & over. I even have the cd's. This is the only show I watch and I don't think I can give it up. Please do something to make this more true to life.


I hate history of izzie/denny. In my opinion shonda is committing a mistake while bringing a dead guy, SERIOUSLY????
this history is not real... sadie: I still do not know if I like or not, but since she is not in the middle of merder, it´s ok for me. merder: please, NO MORE DRAMA between merder .... we already had lot drama in these 4 years, PLEASE, this couple needs peace.
enough the break up for them. I hope this time is forever ... the relationship on-again/of-again is old and boring to watch. the public is tired of this type of history.
Hope that shonda carries out his promise of merder TOGHETER FOR GOOD... Is she going to carry out the promise, RIGHT?


@ Larissa: I completely agree with your assessment of Sadie's cutting behavior. Poorly handled by the writers and not treated with the proper amount of gravity. As someone who used to self-injure, I find this eroticized portrayal of self-inflicted violence not only distasteful but dangerous. Do your research Grey's writers!


omfg! i agree totaly with all of the couple drama, it sucks right now! and we are missing george right now! least i miss him! he was only on the show 1 time last episode! NEED MORE MERDER!


I was laughing at the comment on the Christina + Hunt nic. LOL! Def. will not do. We shall have to settle for Cowen. Or Carmy!




As there have been rumors now that Izzie actually won't quit the show, I think they might give her a tumor and, depending on the mood or situation or whatever determinates, they either let her die or let her be cured. That way they have drama and all possible outcomes...


I agree with most of you regarding Sadie. Her scenes were a bit too dramatic, but I neither liked or disliked her really. What I hope for is that she makes Cristina see that a little distance to Mer&Der would be good. Then Cristina will turn to Owen. If Sadie then also stays away from Mer, she could be friends with Lexie, who doesn't really have any.


Am I the only person who is seriously disturbed by the way they portrayed cutting oneself? It's a serious illness that many, many people suffer with every single day and here the writers are making it seem hardcore, badass like "ooh, if I do this enough I'll get to do a solo surgery go me" or even worse... Sadie. Sadie ripping off her shirt and cutting herself and then twirling around asking seductively "who wants to stitch me up" made cutting seem sexy. It's not badass, it's not hardcore, and it's not sexy. I'm almost as angry with the writers about this as I am about ABC's newfound fear of homosexuality. That better not be the reason we haven't seen much of George the last three weeks.



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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Cristina: So Sadie, you postponed your residency to work in a ... morgue.
Sadie: Yeah, you know, none of the cutting, none of the rules. But I got bored. Got a craving for blood that was flowing.
Meredith: And now you're here. I can't believe you're here!

I've seen a lot of trauma, but never anything like this.


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