Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: More Denny, George, Mark & Lexie

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Michael Ausiello of EW has a lot of good stuff on Grey's Anatomy in his weekly spoiler Q&A today. He covers everything from the absence of George to the portrayal of Dr. Dixon, to Mark Sloan and "Little Grey" and more on Hahn's dismissal. Here goes ...

Q: Tell me more about this Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover. I'm intrigued.

A: It'll take place over the course of three episodes (February 5, 12, and 19) and the only confirmed participant as of now is Kate Walsh.

Double D

Q: I didn't think Shonda Rhimes could ever come up with anything worse than Gizzie on Grey's Anatomy, but this ghost Denny business is about one episode away from officially being the worst thing the show has ever done. Please tell me it will be over soon!

A: Afraid not. Denny will be haunting Izzie at least through February. In possibly related news, the title of episode 14 is "Beat Your Heart Out." Hmmm....

Q: Is Mary McDonnell going to be back on
Grey's Anatomy? I loved her Dr. Dixon. I watched last week's episode thinking she'd be back, but she wasn't.

A: Her second of three episodes, "All By Myself," airs December 4. Personally, I wasn't a fan. You know I worship the ground McDonnell walks on, but I found her Asperger's depiction a tad over the top. And I'm not alone. Megan, a self-proclaimed Aushole and Asperger's sufferer, called the portrayal "robotic and single focused - which we are but not to that degree. Grey's Anatomy missed the boat on this one. Instead of normal with slight social misperceptions, it came off as a bad version of a high-functioning autistic, and they're two different things."

Q: Enough with Izzie-Denny and Cristina-Owen. I'm surprised that no one has asked about another "situation" that I've noticed on Grey's Anatomy since the season began: The slow and steady flirtation between Mark and Lexie. Where are they going with this?

A: To first base in early '09, and I can't wait. McSteamy is actually making Lexie (gulp) interesting.

Q: Why has T.R. Knight had only a few scenes per episode on Grey's Anatomy recently?

A: I did some digging and, unfortunately, there's nothing juicy to report. I'm told it's just part of the natural ebb and flow of storylines. He'll start flowing again next year when he gets mixed up in the Alex-Izzie-Denny story, but not in any romantic sort of capacity. Shonda may be kooky but she's not a masochist.

Q: How come ABC has issues with lesbians on Grey's Anatomy, but no problem with all the guy-on-guy make-out sessions on Brothers & Sisters?

A: I honestly don't think the suits at ABC are scared of gay men or lesbians. They just despised the character of Erica Hahn and her romance with Callie Torres. And as soon as they had proof that the audience agreed, they dumped Brooke Smith. As an ABC insider explained, "In the process of doing some maintenance polling, the sample group for Grey's Anatomy hated the Callie/Erica coupling while still liking Callie." 

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I love love love love Mark and lexie so i think the whole age thing doesn't mean a thing and george is dead too?? Mexie for life


oh my god i hate the denny-izzie thing. izzie needs to be with alex. he loves her and she needs to get over the dead dude cuz he is not real and the sooner she gets that through her head the easier it will be for her to say bye! She told alex that she wasn't going to go crazy like his ex girlfriend but denny is making her go insane. i still love greys i just hate denny!


Meredith's dad left when she was 5. So Meredith is at least 5 years older than Lexie. Lexie is 24, so Meredith is 29, probably 30.
It's not that weird with Mark & Lexie, because Derek is also 10 years older than Meredith.


The ghost story is too weird and unattractive to what I used to see Grey's Anatomy as - a smart sexy show that kept me thinking - can't wait till next week. I am a new mom and work part time and have little time to myself and look forward to getting lost in 1 soap opera per week - so I choose Greys way back when it was good. Meredith and Derek have clearly LOST interest, remind me of a time when I knew my ex and I were becoming just roomates, boring...Lexi and Mark are hot- but weird. Callie is hopeless and lost, but you can't help but be her biggest fan... And frankly,when everyone has almost slep with everyone, what else is left? Unfortunatley, I see that the producers of this show put too many of their eggs in one basket and got bored with coming up with stronger, more intriguing storylines...Hence, we have a product of WTF??? for the past few Thursday nights. O' well, I guess I have to wait til May when MAD MEN returns, till then, I'll stick to reading.


Things are getting too wacky even for TV. What happened to Lexie's alcoholic father and devout love for George? When did she become sexually obsessed with Sloan? Before or after the creepy intern cutting club? A little depth of character can go a long way and actually tie you to the characters. Right now I feel b--ch slapped -- I can't keep up with the convoluted story lines. Let's get a little depth with Yang and Owen - he's interesting - I want to know more about him and have him do more than glare. And somebody needs to do their homework on Asperger's syndrome. The portrayal is so off it's pathetic. They're mixing up autism with aspergers - a new blend.
I love the new characters, but give them more depth and they'll grab a hold more.


OK enough with the bullshit. Put Lexie and George together and call it a day. Mark is better off solo, being the player we've grown accustomed to. Mark and Callie really dig each other, so it should be only a matter of time. People might try to clown me when I say this seeing as how I'm going to be in the minority. I usually can foreshadow pretty well and I think George and Sadie are gonna hook-up. I know it's a little far fetched but still in the realm of possibility. I see a potential triangle between Lexie, George, and Sadie. I think George and Sadie would compliment each other well. This whole Mark and Lexie thing is stupid! How do u go from loving George to sleeping
with Mark in one episode and fawning over him. PLEASE!!! Only if girls were really like that. Finally this whole Denny thing is trash and boring to watch. Derek and Meredith suck and so does Sandra Oh's new love interest. The best couple on this show is no longer together because one of the actors got kicked off. Isaiah Washington please come back and save this stupid show.


i like whats happening on the show i mean things are messed up in peoples own lives and things make up mad and everything so why should a tv show be any different i think the point of writing a tv show is to get the sudience so into that they get mad at htings that the writers do to the characters but some things just a little crazy


I cannot believe all this crap!
Maybe I should say "go with the flow, relax, sit, enjoy...", but something tells me there's no point. Let's get something straight.
I love MerDer, adore scenes between these two, their chemistry and everything which has Mer Der on it. BUT, I'm still enjoying the show. Let them just be. We saw ups and downs, drowning, saving, running away, hiding, ex wife, ex sex, sex with an ex etc. It's time for others too. We'll get MerDer screen time,,just wait a bit.. Alex and Izzie? Love them. But I also loved Danny and George. Don't find this Denny ghost thing so unrealistic. Perhaps some of you haven't experienced thing like that, felt obligated, like you moved on, but honestly, you couldn't be far from it. She's finally getting some air, moving on, at least trying to...but, just one patient gets to her and she is on the ground, on that same bathroom floor, in that same dress.
I know what it's like. I've been there.
It's hard to let go, especially when you don't know your still holding on to old memories, or blame yourself for something that's said or done...


Maybe Denny isn´t a ghost, maybe he is alive and by some kind of radioactive experiment he became invisible to all except for Izzie... because he didn´t die after Izzie invented a time machine, went back in time, stopped herself from stealing the heart for Denny so he didn´t actually die three years ago but became a member of an elite group that researched heart deseases and suffered that weird accident that made him invisible and now he loiters the aisles of SGH hoping for Izzie, his true love, to dump Alex Karev and be his girl... is that unrealistic enough?


where is Mer/Der---I repeat where r they??? Everyone is talking about Izzie...Hahn leaving [Good] Christine and the new guy....Mark [who I LOVE] ... Lexie ...evel Sadie [get rid of her]...etc. .. BUT isn't the show supposed to be centered on Mer/Der--WHERE IS THE LOVIN????? MISS them SO MUCH--if don't see them MORE may have to be ex-Grey Fan---I REALLY want Mer/Der---How about the rest of u???

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