Katherine Heigl Shops with T.R. Knight

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By request, here's a picture of Grey's Anatomy stars T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl (George and Izzie) out shopping together last week. Thanks for the link!

So cool that they'reĀ  friends off the set (as are Katie and Justin Chambers). Now if we could only get some more George-Izzie scenes on Thursday evenings ...

Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight Photo

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why cant i be KH!? > <


Sara - she has so many other bags..check out some of her other candid pics. I am so jealous of her bag collection...she has more of the coolest bags than just about anyone I see. She must have 50 or more. Love those two together...Katherine is amazing.


Cute. Thanks. I love those two. I really hope we have some scenes too. Their scenes are the higlight of Grey for me.


Thanks so much for posting. Am I the only one who would LOVE to be their friend? They seem so cool!


Whoo they look good.


Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I miss their friendship on the show so badly, so seeing them in real life makes it more bearable. Hello Shonda, those two are so so cute, please restore their friendship STAT! Thanks for the pics. Those two always make me smile.


TR is rocking those glasses. They need to dress our sweet georgie up like that, then he will have every woman falling at his feet. Katie is so lucky to have him as a best friend.


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! They are my favorite bff ever. They must miss working together. I know I miss their scenes. Thanks, you guys are seriously the best mods ever.


Aww so so cute. Thanks for posting those. I love it that they are such close friends, and that they are buddies with Sara and Justin too, kind of neat.


They realy look like close friends, but my God does she love that bag, that's like a gasillionth time one has seen her with that nag! Not that it is an ugly bag, it isn't by any means, and I get that it may be her favorite, but she is a highpayed actress, who I am sure has more that a few 'oversized, out for shopping' bags, why not pick another one for a change?


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