Ryan Matthews Will Return!

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Now that the drug bust has gone down at West Beverly, fans of 90210 are wondering:

Where the heck if Ryan Matthews? Why hasn't he returned?!?

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Rest assured, however, that Ryan Eggold is still a series regular.

According to Zap2It's Korbi, Ryan has been spending time with Kimberly in India. He'll be MIA for awhile, but should return to 90210 around late January.

The show itself is off the air - as far as new episodes are concerned - until January 6.

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Omg, yes! I love Ryan :) But whywhywhy is he with Kimberly? I don't like her-.-"


cool. Glad he'll be back. I can't wait for new episodes!!


the drug bust happend when the "student know as Kimbely(shes a undrcover cop)got hierd big Mr Wilion to dig around to see if there where drugs at West Bev because Adreanna semed to be on something during the play.Niomi got busted when she tryed to help out Adreanna get rid of some Coke and the Navids family put up the money so Adreanna could go to rehbe and thats how N+A happend...


what when was the drug bust??

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