"The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe" Recap and Quotes Live

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Last night was the first episode in Lipstick Jungle's new time slot and it was a fanastic one!  Victory debuted her new line at her store opening and it was no easy task,  Nico meanwhile got to know Megan's baby, Charlie, and Wendy found a script she wants to make into a movie. 

Victory, Wendy and Nico and Bubbly

Oh and did we mention Joe bought a 14 karat engagement ring?  Quite a lot happened and have a complete "The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe" recap for you to catch up on.

We've also added a bunch of amazing quotes from the episode and here's a small sample of them:

Roy: You want some lunch?
Victory: What? Why?
Roy: I thought you'd like to eat something besides your finger nails and crystal light | permalink
Wendy: I gotta pitch to someone who knew Paul Newman had a career before a salad dressing | permalink
Nico: Why is this so complicated?
Wendy: Because you were in junior high when he was conceived | permalink
We will be adding the pictures and clips from the episode on Monday.  We couldn't make you wait all weekend for our recap and quotes!

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I love it when Kirby grabbed Nico from the couch!!! Hot hot couple!


OMG!!! Did you see Joe's face when Victory thanks Rodrigo???Poor Joe...I want them together!!! They're perfect to each other...


We will post some screen caps later on today. For now, you can watch the full episode video which is available on our homepage!


I love the accessories on this show. It would be great to have close ups of them too!


Are there any good photos/stills of Victory's hair from the fashion show in the 10/31/08 episode? I'd love to get a few different angles of that updo!


Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Victory: Why are you emailing Joe Bennett? Does he own this building?
Dalhia: Well technically he owns this whole block.

You got nothing to be ashamed, you're here to dress a movie star, she's here to find something to cover arm fat.