"The Magnificent Archibalds" Sneak Previews

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Below are a couple of sneak peeks at "The Magnificent Archibalds," Monday's all-new episode of Gossip Girl. There's certainly plenty of drama coming our way.

In the first preview, Lily gives Little J a place to stay temporarily, but encourages her to go home to her worried dad. Then she makes an interesting discovery.

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-magnificent-archibalds-sneak-preview-1/" title="The Magnificent Archibalds Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

In the second clip, Blair and Serena discuss Thanksgiving preparations and lament their respective problems. Blair has some great lines, as she always does.

Follow the jump to see, then leave a comment with your thoughts!

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-magnificent-archibalds-sneak-preview-2/" title="The Magnificent Archibalds Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

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jenny nad nate are boring i agree but you have to give it to serena for being the biggest bore i think that the writers should do something about cb cause that is the only reason i watch gossip girl


I agree with GossipGirlxoxo - I would like to see Serena with Nate or anyone else besides the freak she's with now! He doesn't fit in with the group at all...kinda like Vanessa but less annoying! Ha ha ha I love the bond between Blair and Dorita...the fur collared red cape scene this week was priceless!


p.s. just saw v at whatever ball is coming up. how does she get invited to these things?? she doesnt even go to their school (although i dont think it's a school ball, dont really know..). in the books, in made sense how she was around alot bec vanessa goes to their school in the books. they shouldve just made it the same in the show. hope nate did not take her to that event lol


are they seriously trying to make nate and vanessa happen?? blahhh


@ Kim L what does the letter to jenny say?????? ughhh i really wanna know?? this ep sounds really bad! WHY is nate getting with vanessa? did he even explain to her about jenny? and did he just lose all his feelings for jenny? did they break up? this show is leaving so much stuff unanswered, the episodes are starting to not even make sense. i miss season 1 :(


no cb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!boring episode


The big "secret" on Bart is that he has files on the VanDerWoodsens'?? Snooooooze! Duh' of course he'd get backround info. before "associating" his name with theirs! This season started out so strong too...and then drifted into the abyss of Jenny....Even bigger snooooozer! I'm bored, and I loved this show last season. More bad Blair and def. more bad Chuck, they're great when plotting!! And why was Erics' being gay such a HUGE deal last season if this season they were really only going to address it once or twice? (p.s., honestly the kid they stuck him with for his 1st bf, was a much less attractive version of Asher, whom I loved! Even if he was closeted. I want Asher back apologetic. w/Eric and "OUT" already!) One more thing...Aaron? WTH! Why is Serena so desperate to get with some art geek who likes to double & triple dip? Eew! I don't get that pairing AT ALL!


SPOILERS from Canada (don't scroll down if you don't want to know what happends!) For those of you who can't wait here are a few things in GG this week! (Not in any order)
-Rufus tells Jenny that if she really wants to be emancipated he will not stand in her way. In the end however, she goes back home and tells Rufus that she still wants to be part of the family and rips the papers in half.
-Nate's dad comes home and Nate finds out (from the FBI) that his father was planning on keeping Nate and his mother overseas until his mother's parents decide to pay Nate's dad. Nate convinces his father to admit his crimes and the FBI arrest him.
-The van der woodsens find out that Bart has files on each of them (courtesy of Chuck) and confront him. The van der woodsens go to the Humphrey's for Thanksgiving dinner because of this.
-Blair's mother and Cyrus get engaged. Blair thinks that their only "surprise" for the thanksgiving dinner is the engagement news but it was also that her father is there for thanksgiving (as Blair's mom wanted to get his approval before making Cyrus Blair's stepfather).
-Vanessa and Nate make up (Vanessa and Chuck convinced Nate to meet with the FBI agent) and decide to make plans to hang out again.
-Vanessa sees a stack of mail for Jenny at the Humphrey's and sees a letter from Nate addressed to Jenny.


Oh please!!! Jenny emancipating herself, what a joke!!!! Stop copying One Tree Hill, because this show doesn't even compare to One Tree Hill!!!! One Tree Hill is the best show ever!!!! CHUCK AND BLAIR ARE THE ONLY THINGS GOOD ABOUT THIS SHOW!!!!


SPOILERS: Ok so a few recaps of tmw nights episode have been posted on the internet b/c it airs on Sundays in Canada. And I am very upset b/c from what I read there are no Chuck and Blair scenes :(. So I guess the episode summary posted on the gossip girl website is wrong b/c it says Chuck and Blair go to help Nate but from what I read it's only Chuck and Vanessa. And since the 2x12 doesn't air until Dec 1st we have to go another 2 weeks with no CB. Plus since the last episode with CB was on Nov. 3rd it's more like a month with out CB.

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