Tim Kring Comes Clean

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This is discouraging.

Tim Kring sat down for a panel discussion at this week's Creative Screenwriting's 2008 Screenwriting Expo. We're thankful that the Heroes creator answered every question from fans in an honest manner, but we're disappointed by the admission that the show has pretty much gotten away from Kring.

For example, comparing the series to Lost, Kring said "we didn't have an island to get off of," as he admitted there's no planned-out conclusion to the series. No wonder the episodes often seem to be pieced together at the last second, with no consistent flow to them.

Angry Parkman

What will happen to Parkman, Claire and Peter? Tim Kring doesn't know.

Here are other excerpts from Kring, none of which, sadly, gives us hope that he knows there Heroes is going:

On his original intention: "My original idea was more of an anthological vibe to it, where you regenerate the characters... I was primarily fascinated by the origin story. Once the original story is over, and the character has no more questions about what's happening or existential drama, then the questions become just about plot, and then it becomes harder for me personally to connect to.

"The problem is you run into a whole series of issues, where show and business run into each other. The network falls in love with characters, the audience falls in love with characters, the press falls in love with characters... You find yourself writing for characters you thought would be gone."

On viewer reaction influencing storylines: "[Because the episodes are filmed long before they air] any feedback by the audience is irrelevant in terms of that. But bigger trends you want to follow."

On the serialized nature of the show: "It's a very flawed way of telling stories on network television right now, because of the advent of the DVR and online streaming."

On focusing more on individual characters/stories: "[I'm] very interested in a more standalone version of Heroes. I think the show needs to move towards that in order to survive."

On changing an angle, such as the use of Claire's regenerating blood: "What often happens on a show like this is you often get boxed in – you set a fuse of something that's just too easy to use. A weapon that's just too sharp. Then you have to blunt it again."

On time travel: "It's a minefield that will make your mind explode. It will just drive you crazy... That device has been one of those that's just been so complicated for us."

On the next volume, Fugitives: "[It's a chance] for us to wipe the table [clean]. What happens when our people have to go underground and go back to being normal after two and a half years of being superheroes?"

What do you think of Kring's answers? Are you as discouraged by his seeming lack of direction as we are?

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Wait Maj, what movie did Masi Oka get nominated for an Oscar for? Oh i remember now. None. Because it was an Emmy, you dolt.


As much as some of these remarks are very stupid. To be fair No show has an end game, that's what Kring means. Aaron Sorkin said writing TV is like writing in a tunnel, you can't see the light at the other end. He was talking to writers about a finale to the series, each vol is very much structured out before it's written.


On the next volume, Fugitives: "[It's a chance] for us to wipe the table [clean]. What happens when our people have to go underground and go back to being normal after two and a half years of being superheroes?" Erm. Ok, I am a HUGE GIGANTIC ULTRA Heroes fan. I am such an addict i wake up early in the morning to catch it live on the internet every tuesday (in my country). "[It's a chance] for us to wipe the table [clean]." If I am not wrong, isn't this what he said at the start of Volume 3? I remember him saying that Heroes Volume 3 will be better than ever and it will be back with a bang. It will also return to the model of season 1, but only at faster pace. I personally feel that Volume 3 is fantastic, but it isn't like season 1. Here's the difference. Season/Volume 1 -At a pace we can catch up with
-Fights happen once in a few episodes.
-Whole Volume leads to 1 goal, stop the bomb.
-Plot becomes crystal clear by Episode 11.
(Peter is the bomb, and he needs to be stop.)
-Every character's journey is easily
remembered as it is detailed.
-Each character's personality is clear. Volume 3 Villains- Fast paced
- Fights happen at least once in each episode
and sometimes even THREE
- Volume's plot revealed at episode 1, 4 and
?? We learn of the formula at 3x01. A
world with superpowered people 3x04. Team
Arthur vs Team Angela at 3x09. What the?
- What is the main goal of Volume 3? Only
Peter seems to care about the world
splitting in half.
- Each character is doing something different
in every episode.
- The line between good and evil is blurred. Volume 3 is better in my opinion, but it is not very clear where it is heading. Comments anyone?


It's obvious here he really, really never wanted to stick to the same characters and still is unhappy about it. Back when Season One was nearing conclusion he said Season Two would have all new characters and none of the originals would be back. Then of course he later changed it. Obviously the network said otherwise. Kring just needs to work with what he's got and make something good out of it, because it's obvious NBC will never let him "reboot" with a whole cast of new characters next year. (assuming there IS a next year)


I for one am very surprised at NBC for allowing this. The ONE show on there whole Friggn Network that was even worth while and had OSCAR NOMINEES like MASI OKA when it started in 2006 is in trouble because of Tim Kring. It was the one show they had that took them out of the shithole back in 2006 when they didnt even have any hit shows and Tim Kring is now allowing the savior show into BS. Granted there are some really good episodes and teh story is good, but look at what Masi Oka is doing now....Hiros character is a WASTE when he was a Oscar nominee 2 years back. Kring should be replaced now. He butchered season 2 when there was the writers strike..he didn't even "comeback" when all the other shows did.
I cant believe NBC isnt talking some sense into this guy and saying REDO the scenes. I dont want hear that "oh...the episodes are made..and we can do shit" BS that could cause CANCELLATION...
He doesnt seem serious about Heroes anymore and thats not fair to a great show.


Let not be too harsh on Tim, what? he mess up a bit now cut his head off. We all make mistake and learn from them, why cant we give him a chance, I am sure he will come around... Heores is a great show!!!!!!!!


It confirms my long held suspicion that Kring is a spineless retard. If Heroes is an awesome show (which it is) it is due to a few of the better writers and a basic premise which resonates with geeks like us. (And the solid, likable acting talent). If Kring was doing a cop show, I wouldn't give it the time of day. I mean listen to the guy - he's selling stand alone episodes introducing character after character and moving on. How tedious would that be! Not surprised he spearheaded a good FIRST season and lesser efforts ever since. They should kill off Kring!, and make Jeff Loeb the head honcho.


Interesting but discouraging as well. To be quite honest, having a large amount of characters introduced in the show too soon, implicates matters worst, specially spoiling stories that could have taken seasons to explain and to come into conclusion. Why is difficult having too many characters in a series? because you have to write stories for every one of them. Like the first season, they focus more on saving the cheerleader, involving a few characters. As many viewers noticed, that was the whole idea of the first season. You have to introduced a story that will stay focus on the story and the few characters that would come into place. For example, like having Peter or Hiro traveling the future encountering characters we havent seen yet, and that we will see in the near future in the series. That was you keep people is suspense of seeing this character in the upcoming season or episodes. I just hope that in fugitives they concentrate in capturing/killing heroes or villains one by one. And to be quite honest, I prefer Sylar being the villain and not the soft, i dont want to hurt anymore people, person. He should stay focus on slicing people's head. Oh yeah, by the way, they still haven't explained the location of the brains of the people that Sylar killed, since now we know he doesnt eat them. Word of advice to the writer(s) of the new upcoming episodes, if you expose a power(s) to Peter/Sylar, make sure he uses it. So far, I havent seen Sylar used the power of liquifying things with the touch, freazing, sound manipulation.


I think we knew most of this already, though. The first step is admitting you have a problem...so I'm looking forward to Fugitives.


That's so discouraging..


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