Will Heroes Get Lost?

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Weeks ago, we suggested that Heroes has to follow the lead of Lost. But we didn't mean like this!

According to Kristin from E! Online, the show will duplicate a Lost-like catastrophe at the end of the current "Villains" volume.

"There's a huge plane crash, and all of us are involved," said Gren Grunberg (Parkman) of the planned story line. "You don't know who survives."

Hands Up!

We also hear that Hunter (previously-announced guest star Zeljko Ivanek) will capture many of our favorite Heroes and load them onto a transport plane, setting the stage for the "Fugitives" volume next year.

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i think when they say "newish" blonde, they don't mean Claire or Elle. cause they're both old blondes (not in age), from the show and have been on for a long time. but when they say "newish blonde" i think of Tracy because she is newish to the show and she is blonde. so therefore, i think that Tracy is going to be killed off.


all i hope is that Claire doesn't die and im fine with anything


Thanks for the cool summary Hiro84. I wonder if Nathan will be on that plane as I have a feeling he won't be & he will try to save some of the heroes on it. Is Dan Byrd {Luke} the guy we saw with Sylar in one of Volume 4 'Fugitives' spoiler pics where he was had something strapped to his chest & also carrying a suitcase? On a side note, I really hope Elle survives Volume 3 & will be in Volume 4 as I really like her character.


AAAGH SPOILERS!!! -covers eyes-


Just read this on SpoilerFix and thought I should share... I'm told Hunter (Zeljko Ivanek) captures many of our favorite Heroes and loads them onto a transport plane. (Think prisoners heading to Guantánamo Bay.) When the plane goes down, "You don't know who survives," says [Greg Grunberg]. When asked if Angela Petrelli would be joining their nondirty "mile-high club," Cristine Rose tells me, "I'm getting old, I don't see myself parachuting." So could that be how some of our Heroes survive? [...] Sources spill that One Tree Hill and West Wing alum Moira Kelly will be playing Abby Collins, a Homeland Security agent, in at least one episode of the "Fugitives" volume. In case you haven't heard, Dan Byrd of Aliens in America has a recurring role in "Fugitives," and I can spill that his character Luke's power is microwaves that are strong enough fry people. Luke goes on the road with Sylar seeking adventure and excitement, but poor unlucky kid's probably just going to get debrained for his trouble. Despite what the promos for next week would have you think, Claire's going to make it. In fact she gets well enough to again pursue her goal of getting into the fight. In an upcoming episode, Claire becomes the centerpiece of a major showdown between good and evil.Elle is not the death I'm talking about. (It's another newish blonde I'm sorry to see go.) Source: Kristin on E!Online


i think that his is an awesome idea for me. i have never seen Lost so now i will get a taste of it. and it seems that some of the Heroes and Villains will be getting killed off by the planae crash and The Hunter.


Lord NO!!! I grew so bored of Lost I gave up mid 3rd season, I don't want Heroes even thinking of replicating it. Even on a bad week they are tne times better than Lost. What a depressing idea.

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