A Critical View of Heroes

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We're not alone.

For a few weeks now, we've shown our tough love for Heroes by aiming critical commentary at the show's illogical, frustrating story lines. A few readers have taken our staff to task for dissing their favorite show, even though we're big fans and just wanna see it return to its first season greatness.

A 9th Wonder

As you can tell from the excerpts below, other columnists are annoyed by the series these days, as well. Here are highlights - or lowlights, really - from recaps of this week's episode around the Web:

  • TVGuide.com: "These same stories by and large could have been told without the loss of powers, so why even go there. We've still yet to get any real explanation as to why the eclipse triggers these powers (and why these eclipses are happening so often), and the whole things reeks of a plot device meant to drum up drama that the stories themselves are not."
  • EW.com: "If you're not going to put your characters [such as Claire and Sylar, who obviously weren't dead] in real jeopardy, don't even head down that road. Because it's cheap and a waste of time."
  • Zap2It.com: "It's come to the point where I just feel kind of bad for Greg Grunberg and Brea Grant, saddled as they are with a supposed love story that's based on Parkman's spirit walk and nothing else."

Again, we love Heroes. But, as you can see, we're not alone in our critical view of the show these days.


Remember how the the first part of The Eclipse episodes ended? With HRG pointing his rifle straight at Elle and Sylar, as they made out?

Now jump ahead to this week's episode. We see Sylar and Elle on the floor, having just had sex; only THEN does HRG's shot ring out. Seriously?!? Are we supposed to believe that HRG was kind enough - or dirty-minded enough - to wait until they had intercourse before trying to kill them?

It may seem like a tiny issue, but that's what makes it so frustrating. Perhaps the writers can sometimes be forgiven if larger plot holes exist because they are trying to reach a bigger, grander conclusion. But why create such an illogical misstep in this case?


Why couldn't the action have picked up exactly where we left it last time, with HRG's shot missing the new couple because they were just going to the floor in order to get it on? Would anything in the episode have changed one bit if Sylar and Elle had not had sex on that floor?

It's lazy writing such as this that infuriates us. Please treat viewers with more respect, Heroes staff. We tune in mostly for action and suspense, but that doesn't mean you can simply ignore all sensible steps in story telling, as well.

Agree? Disagree? We'd love to hear your comments!

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Does anyone also question how matt parkman and the kid who controls computers should have already resolved this problem ages ago? In season 2, Matt was able to beat his father when it came to dream manipulation and it was also shown that Matt had the power of suggestion. So, why doesnt Matt just tell all the cops to kill themselves or to hunt down all those involved in this situation and to kill them and then turn around and kill themselves. Problem solved. Although that would be boring and they couldn't really work off of that. So then, why not use the kid with the computer power? Technically, he could easily hack into a military computer and hold the world at his mercy through the threat of nuclear warfare. (he could use the computers and threaten to send nukes to any major cities.) I'm sure million of other people have also thought of this. So why are the characters so stupid and refuse to come up with something this simple?


"I dont not like this and I think its absurd bullshit" couldn't agree more FanOheroes- i'm not sure but i think that when HRG returns to the car Sylar says something like " you told him to kill me didn't you?" like he had worked out what was going on rather than he heard it. not sure though


bruce. i agree with your sentiments about the first season and agree that all of the characters were very well thought out but let down by cheap storylines. ( and that is a word which i have heard alot when describing heroes storyline- cheap).
the first season was binded together by an air of mystery which manifested itself through symbols such as the eclipse and the DNA symbol, and also through connections between all of the characters which maybe they didn't see at the time such as the linderman connection or two characters meeting the same person. it was very cleverly written because it made viewers feel clever and involved by letting them make the connection themselves and noticing things that they knew would be important later on.
in this season we are being promised a big revelation every week and then when it comes it just seems like a convenient plot device.(the eclipse) p.s they always say that it is easier to write an origin story than a continuation.


PabloSplinter I dont not like this and I think its absurd bullshit but here it is. Ok according to Joe Pokaski & Aron Coliete in a "behind the eclipse" interview on Comic book resources dot com. Sylar did indeed loose his abilities to the shanti virus... all of them expect his original power and telekinesis because of the emotional trauma he went threw when he killed brian davis. Even thou we've seen him (supposedly) use super hearing, and have seen him pregog paint and nuke texas.... Mr. Pokaski said it was because he got those powers again from other people.... personally i think that is just the greatest example of how the writers have fucked up unbelievable this season


here i see that this Tv show has the most genius and intelligent fans of the world the writers have to take care a lot.they got to write a uniqe story . i hope it never goes on like another story of this style like Mortal Kombat that makes me feel sick!!!because I see many similarities in the basic materials like in both of them:
1.they must save the world.
2.there is a character who gathers the ability of the ones who he kills(here Sylar and in Mortal Kombat shung tsung!)
3.they travel through time and space and etc.
somehow in heroes there is many special points that makes the difference.I think the show is still using the credit of first season.
but as we go on the actors play their role very very better but if the changes of inner personality of the characters continues even the actors will lost the way of playing and think who is this character eventually?
HRG is the best of this view he still has his ambiguous personality and is believable.
and the most important thing is that I thought that the heroes start to think about their personality,ego and so on but they end up with just saying who they really are and some very weak answers they get .
1.Mohinder is so real because he is like each and every one of us he seeks for answers as a scientist,he watches and does nothing like us.
2.HRG is a very brave human that goes within these all with no extraordinary power like we humen facing many strange situations in our life without being prepared for it or armed for but we fight.
3.Hiro is a unique science! maybe a part of Einstein Theory, traveling in time and space in a while.
4.Adam Monroe is the history. it`s been changed maybe it`s a great lie .the hero in our history in fact is a super villain!!! the only way to get rid of him is to send him underground where it really belongs to because history never dies.
5.Nathan and Clair are wishes , dreams of human for all time , being able to fly ,being able to leave forever or stay young forever.
6.Peter is a modern super human with all the abilities he wants and wishes for he gets then all but when he goes to the future and sees what happens he comes back to save himself and others ,remember terminator?
you see all these characters are shaped very well.but when we see they have been caught in cheap stories and struggle for nothing, here we can find out why the season 1 was a unique peace of art and here these nonsense stories


Pablosplinter - I thought Sylar still had the Superhearing ability. After that scene with Stephen Canfield (Vortex guy) and Claire, HRG and Sylar are all in the car, Sylar said he knew (heard?) HRG wanting to have Canfield Kill him? I should go back and check but just throwing it out there. I'll try to confirm that when I get a chance.


why doesn't sylar have the superhearing ability anymore? i was thinking of the scene where HRG asks that vortex guy( another interesting character killed off) to kill sylar and he is standing about 50 yards away and can't hear them. people seem to be saying that sylar lost his abilities after being the first season. that doesn't make sense. how does he get his telekinesis back. the haitian was in the scene where claire kills peter but he would just come back when he leaves. i think the best way for peter to get his powers back is to use sylars ability which he got for some big reason and this seems to be the best one. justr thinking what a great character hiro was in season 1. Shame.


Peters gonna slice aurthers head 2 get his ability back :D


sorry, joel


i too think this season is fantastic koel, but i can be improved, i never said i'd stop watchin'!!!!!!!!


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