Blake Lively to Present at Golden Globe Awards

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Three more celebs have been added to the star-studded list of presenters for next month's 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Gossip Girl star Blake Lively among them!

The 21-year-old actress, The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart and newly minted CSI lead Laurence Fishburne will all hand out awards at the ceremony in January.

Black and White Blake

Our own Blake Lively joins an array of big- and small-screen actresses and actors like Drew Barrymore, Jake Gyllenhaal, The Mentalist's Simon Baker, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez, who had already been announced. Funnymen Sacha Baron Cohen, Ricky Gervais and Seth Rogen will also be on hand, as will new mom Amy Poehler.

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I wonder if Penn will accompany her to the awards they would just steal the whole red carpet if they were there together!
Does anyone else think that?


chuckie, i get what you mean as well. there is no need to even bring up leighton in this post, but the same thing would happen if the positions were reversed. they are both talented & beautiful people but i guess people will always compare them to eachother...sigh


okay, i must've been a little's just annoying when you get a good news like this about blake and then you read comments about how leighton could've easily gotten the spot had she only tried..and that she actually wouldn't want the spot because she is more low-key..and that blake only gets more attention 'cause she's got big boobs, better connections and stuff like that..couldn't they just leave blake alone..this is an article about her so there is no need to always bring up leighton's name and defend her so desperately..they started it..


why do leighton/blake fans always have to be against eachother? why do you have to compare every single thing each of them do and then see who is the bigger "star"? its really immature. are you forgetting that they are friends in real life? i am a fan of both and im so SICK of all the hate they get. what Chuckie wrote just seems so stupid and competitive to me. why are you putting the girls against eachother? it seems like you dileberately are out to get the leighton fans.


am with ggfan on this..all the leighton fans out there are so up on their feet 'cause we all know blake's hitting big time..presenting in the golden globes is no mean feat..this only validates the fact that blake is the bigger's too obvious even leighton fans can see it and so they feel like they need to defend their idol..there is a reason blake's first on the gg billing and why she gets many movie offers..


im happy for blake but... i just wish that for once, the shorter, shy, brunette would get some attention. all the media sees is looks. blake is tall and blond with big boobs, so she is the obvious choice. but for people who watch GG, leighton/blair has a wayyyy bigger fanbase. she and chuck are the reason so many people watch the show (just read the comments on the blogs!) and ggfan, there's no need to be rude. that was kind of unecesary, you don't have to be insulting and sarcastic to get your point across.


i fully agree with ggs why must if you like one actress better then the other start critizing the other one... i mean really!!!


Why does everyone feel the need to pit these two actresses against each other.... clearly than can both act... i'll agree that throughout gg blake has been just slightly average in regards to her acting, but as far as her cinema acting goes, she did a really good job in accepted and Sisterhood of the travelling pants....and honestly she is finally someone who can be seen as a good role model instead of the lindsay lohans of the world... so don't question her acting abilities.... and as for leighton, she is a very good actress as well, she plays blair perfectly, but perhaps people think that just because her character on the show has such a strong personality, than she is the better actress.... They are both amazing and people just need to accept that.. They have polar opposite personalities. Blake is bubbly and funny and Leighton is conservative and private.... so obviously people are going to choose sides but don't criticize the other person because you contrast them...Oh and as far as recognition goes, Leighton does not put herself out there publicly whereas Blake works red carpets, media events, charity events etc. almost every night!


I can't wait to see what she's going to wear! Although, I would of preferred it if they included Leighton Meester, she's just as important as Blake Lively.


I actually think as the show ended eventually, the only one whom I can see go further is Blake. God, she's so much fun and her personality kills! And of course she's hella hot! As for Leighton, she's not any better than the rest of gg casts. She's just fine. And it's funny because I always think Ed is pretty horrendous actor, based from what I've seen in 1st season. Although he's getting a lil better in 2nd season.


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