Blake Lively to Present at Golden Globe Awards

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Three more celebs have been added to the star-studded list of presenters for next month's 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Gossip Girl star Blake Lively among them!

The 21-year-old actress, The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart and newly minted CSI lead Laurence Fishburne will all hand out awards at the ceremony in January.

Black and White Blake

Our own Blake Lively joins an array of big- and small-screen actresses and actors like Drew Barrymore, Jake Gyllenhaal, The Mentalist's Simon Baker, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez, who had already been announced. Funnymen Sacha Baron Cohen, Ricky Gervais and Seth Rogen will also be on hand, as will new mom Amy Poehler.

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I agree, Blake gets way more attention than she deserves. She has family in show business and obviously has the right connections to get her further in her career. Leighton Meester blows Blake out of the water any day of the week. I hope one day, Leighton will be able to get the recognition she deserves. Both she and Ed Westwick are superb actors and make Gossip Girl what it is now and in the future...bravo to CHAIR!!!


I just don't understand why people coo over Blake so much, I love her and she's such a lovely person, but to face facts, she's not beautiful and is not the star of the show.


Don't say that because you're more into B character than S. I don't care about who's more talented between the two cos at this point, Blake and Leighton are about as good as they can get. Just sayin', based on mass appeal, Blake is obviously will get a better prospect, career-wise. Yes, the blonde, tall, girl next door kinda thing is a lil bit shallow reason but as someone said, it's what the industry wants! So don't be surprise Blake is the one who got the honor for presenting the golden globe award.


i dont really understand why see gets all this attention maybe its tht fact that see had a real life romance wit her co star nd the fact thts shes tall blode with big boobs idk but as for ppl thinking serena is boring its not tht serena iss boring blake juss portrays her boring and juss blah and in my opinion she iss not the star of the show definetly not she jus gets more atention by the media


Sorry to burst your bubble but just because Blakes name is first in the credits doesn't mean she is the star of the show. . . If thats the case then why did People and Entertainment Weekly name Ed and Leighton amoung the best of 2008. . . And why does Chuck and Blair have the biggest fan base of Gossip Girl. And why does Josh Shwartz himself as well as Stephanie Savage say the Chuck and Blair are the king and queen of the chess game and everyone else is a pawn. . . And why are Chuck and Blair the core couple of the entire series? Wasn't that previously Serena and Dans position? Not trying to bash anyone I am just stating the obvious. . . I personally adore Blake. She is cute and bubbly I just think that Leighton is the more talented actress. . .


im not implying a contest or anything.i was just thinking of the similarities between the fame and exposure both in gg and in real life between the two actresses. but honestly i think they are both great.they are beautiful and good in their own fact, blake is the 'mildest' of them all. i never saw her smoke nor drink in public (unlike taylor).blake is a good offense to taylor's fans.


Yes, in the world of gg a lot of fans may find blair character is more interesting. But in real world, please no contest between Blake and Leighton. The blondie has much better publicities and public appearances, not to mention more awesome movie offered for Blake!!


this is like serena and blair's real life.blake gets more of the attention than leighton.


Yeah, the star. Thats why 90% of GG fans think serena is boring...


I'm aware that the golden globes is a big thing. But leighton could easily get a spot if she tried hard enough and asked her PR's etc to help her get the gig, it's obvieous she has a more low key aproach to her career.

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