Bret Michaels: Likely Done with Dating, Not Reality TV

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Will Bret Michaels find true love on Rock of Love Bus, which premieres this Sunday night?

The rocker didn't reveal that information to The New York Daily News. But he did say that this series is likely his last foray into the world of reality TV dating.

"I can never say never, but I'm pretty sure that this kind of show is it for me," Michaels said.

Rock of Love 3

Does that mean we've seen the last of the rocker on the small screen? Of course not.

"I'd like to do a hybrid of [a series] where you come into my real life a little more, like a mixture of Rock of Love and Gene Simmons Family Jewels," he said. "I think the ups and downs and sideways of my life would be really interesting for people to see."

Sorry, Bret. But we don't agree.

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I think Brett made a big mistake b choosing Taya. I think she is playing him and she is NASTY!!! All he has to do is come to Elpaso Tx and he will meet a real person ME!!!!!!! I want to drive to AZ to meet him but dont know what city he lives in. BRETT I WANT TO MEET YOU!