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After a week hiatus, Gossip Girl returns with a new episode this evening, entitled "It's a Wonderful Lie." This episode will be the 12th so far in Season Two.

It's the annual Snowflake Ball, and hearts are on the line tonight.

Aaron's ex shows an interest in Dan, which rattles Serena, while Chuck and Blair make an interesting wager, and Nate finds himself stuck with more romantic problems on his hands - their names are Vanessa and Jenny.

What do you think and hope will happen with your favorite character(s)?

Discuss "It's a Wonderful Lie" and more in our official quotes, pictures and videos from the episode as we compile them (works in progress at the moment).

After the show, we'll be posting our official episode recap, Gossip Girl fashion and music breakdowns, and our staff favorite, the Round Table discussion!

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omgg. bart bass in an accident
and chuck going insane. i wonder
what chuck has against lilly. my guess? maybe lilly had
rufus' baby (mm, eric...) i wonder.


It's not really what i expected......


thanks chantal for the info im a fan of c and b's relationship and i hope that chuck doesnt go back to his old ways!!!!! thaks u guys who post comments it helps me get more point of views!!! gossip girl fans rejoice during tonites episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think the v-n-j triangle is so forced by the writers. both "relationships" sprung completely out of nowhere.
im so over it, i dont even care who he ends up with anymore cause either one is stupid.
the main things are blair/chuck/serena/dan anyway.


I hope Serena cheats on Aaron with Dan... UH I can't stand Aaron he's so annoying and he would totally deserve it. I'd much rather have Nate with Vanessa over Jenny. I totally LOVE Blair and Chuck!!!


i don't get why they always ruin things for blair and serena, but they always end up well for vanessa. why? i hate vanessa. i think she doesn't belong in the show. and i think that nate looks great but he's just so dumb... the ultimate boy-toy, no personality what so ever


hey chantal just tell me what happen (first and last ok please email me (moralesmarie999@yahoo.com)


ewwwwww I HATEEE Vanessa and Nate together. I love Jenny and Nate.
seriously, V needs to be the one who dies this season.


i live in canada and it air a day earlier than in the states:P any how.... sooo Jenny plots against V- V and N end up together and jenny is fine with it. D and S: D finds out at A and S are gonna shak up and S finds out that D is gonna shak up with Lexi As ex B and Chuck choose dates for eachother... the dates fail and end up leaving with eachother then we hear lily getting a phone call about bart in the accident... last scene is her asking S where C is..CLIFF HANGER


I`m hoping that Blair and Chuck have A LOT of cute scenes together which judging by the promo they will do....also i`m predicting they will get together for real but Bart`s death will interfear but Blair will be there for Chuck of course. Also i can`t wait to see what happens with Jenny/Nate/Vanessa i hope Jenny gets her own back on Vanessa BIG TIME!!!!!! OMG I CAN`T WAIT!!!!! =D


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