Gossip Girl Spoilers: Aaron Rose Gone For Good!

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You'd better be sitting down for this piece of Gossip Girl news revealed late yesterday:

Aaron Rose has gone to Argentina, which we know... and he's not coming back! Ever!

Try to contain your celebratory dances and other behavior.

Despite no ending seemingly written for the character's story arc, the CW has confirmed that December 8 ("O Brother Where Bart Thou?") was the last we'll see of John Patrick Amedori, who had played Aaron Rose in the past six episodes.

Aaron Rose Photo

Gossip Girl has cut ties with Aaron Rose, artist of indeterminate age.

But why is he gone so abruptly?

And does Aaron's departure suggest that a long-awaited Derena reunion is right around the corner? Follow the jump for what E! Online has to say about the subject ...

"Aaron Rose was a big character in the
Gossip Girl books, and I know the plan was for him to stay around a little longer," a source close to the show says.

"But some of the powers that be weren't responding well to the way the character was going."

Therefore, he is gone.

Sadly, though, for Dan and Serena fans, the departure of Aaron does not mean the characters played by Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are finally settling down.

Jessica Szohr tells E! exclusively that over the next few episodes, "Serena and Dan are running in circles with their relationship." So... the same as always?

Just as Serena is freed up, Dan will become entangled with a new lady, and from what we've learned from Gossip Girl spoilers, it looks like it may be new guest star Laura Breckenridge, the hot new teacher who flirts with Dan and tortures Blair.

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I've watched the whole season 2 and S and D will not be back together. Better luck on season 3. :) I REALLY LIKE AARON. HE IS SOO ROMANTIC. Especially the part in Time square. :")


I'm so completely shocked finding out people feel this way about Aaron. My roommates and I watch this show every week, and we love Aaron. He was quickly becoming our favorite character. Maybe it was because we live in Portland, and he seems very portlandy. He is beautiful. Serena and Aaron were a cute couple. Dan and Serena can't happen. Rufus and Lily need to be together, and that would be weird if Derena were, too. They can be brother and sister. Bring Aaron back!


im mad at the person they chose for aaron. it was nothing like the way he was supposed to look like in the books. the books verson is sooo much hotter :)


And of course I agree with you, Agreed:D It's the strangest thing to me that many other don't like Dan and Serena! I freaking love them so much:D I hated Aaron, and I didn't understand why S was with him either... Next episode we've already seen that D kisses S, but then it's the spoilers saying they will be together, and the ones saying they won't be (atleast for now).. I hope they can get back together NOW! I only watch the show for them aswell. Chuck and Blair are sweet, but not that sweet that I watch a show for them.


FINALLY Aaron ia gone for good, gosh I never liked his character.....


I totaly freaking agree with AMY AND JULIE! Why don't you guys like them? I don't understand. They're the only reason why I even watch gossip girl. I was getting bored when Serena was with Aaron. He is soooo not right for her. He doesn't look like her type at all. I'm suprised she even liked him. Good thing she came to her senses and wanted to go back with Dan, how come he just won't kiss her already? That'll make my life soooo much better!:) Well, I'm ALL FOR DERENA! I still can't believe you guys don't like them together.


SERIOUSLY, I KEPT WANTING TO PUKE IN MY MOUTH EVERYTIME I SAW HIM! IT'S ABOUT FLIPPING TIME! I WANT DAN AND SERENA TO GET BACK TOGETHER SO BAD! IT WOULD TOTALLY SUCK IF THEY GET BACK TOGETHER IN THE END OF THE SEASON. YOU WOULD BE LIKE, DANG. THEY FINALLY GET TOGETHER BUT THE SEASON ENDED AND YOU HAVE TO WAIT A LOOOONNNNNNGGG TIME FOR THE NEXT SEASON. I HATE IT WHEN THEY GET TOGETHER AT THE VERY END OF THE EPISODE. IT'S LIKE TORTURE! And as for Blair and Chuck, well I like them not together, YET. It makes the show very entertaining. Them trying to make each other jealous. I think they really should make a relationship like that with Dan and Serena. That'll be so funny to see them go out of their way to make each other jealous. I would love to see what Dan would do. I love his scence of sarcasticness(:


I hope Dan and Serena get back together, and that they can have a relationship like they had in season 1 before Georgina turned up. I loved them back then- I still love them, though. I don't want Lily and Rufus' child to ruin, and neither the teacher. And they're not boring at all!


yeah!i hate him

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