Gossip Girl Spoilers: Aaron Rose Gone For Good!

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You'd better be sitting down for this piece of Gossip Girl news revealed late yesterday:

Aaron Rose has gone to Argentina, which we know... and he's not coming back! Ever!

Try to contain your celebratory dances and other behavior.

Despite no ending seemingly written for the character's story arc, the CW has confirmed that December 8 ("O Brother Where Bart Thou?") was the last we'll see of John Patrick Amedori, who had played Aaron Rose in the past six episodes.

Aaron Rose Photo

Gossip Girl has cut ties with Aaron Rose, artist of indeterminate age.

But why is he gone so abruptly?

And does Aaron's departure suggest that a long-awaited Derena reunion is right around the corner? Follow the jump for what E! Online has to say about the subject ...

"Aaron Rose was a big character in the
Gossip Girl books, and I know the plan was for him to stay around a little longer," a source close to the show says.

"But some of the powers that be weren't responding well to the way the character was going."

Therefore, he is gone.

Sadly, though, for Dan and Serena fans, the departure of Aaron does not mean the characters played by Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are finally settling down.

Jessica Szohr tells E! exclusively that over the next few episodes, "Serena and Dan are running in circles with their relationship." So... the same as always?

Just as Serena is freed up, Dan will become entangled with a new lady, and from what we've learned from Gossip Girl spoilers, it looks like it may be new guest star Laura Breckenridge, the hot new teacher who flirts with Dan and tortures Blair.

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awwww, i liked aaron. well, in the books, mainly.


WOAH, I haven't been checking but whoot!


Dan and Serena are the most boring couple I have ever come across. Put an end to this madness!


WHAT ? A hot new teacher tortures Blair! O god ~




I have funny feeling somethign eles will stand between d and s! Not the new teacher, (but a child) that was created by R and L! But, I do think, they will be together soon... They might hook up.. be off again and on again. Then towards the end, they will be togather!!! :) Last for a while again.. They are really cute. They our ment to be. I think it just b/c blake and penn r in love in real life. that u can see it also on TV with their charter's! It so CUTE! I love it! I think it as to be weird for them in some way, that their charter our dating someone eles on the same show. If they working together it might be easier. Since, they our! I know it got to be hard! I love them togather. P&B, S&D 4ever! If they get back togather keep the whining out of it! Please! That does get annoying! thank you! Serena as been staying good! She as not went BAD! She as not got into any drugs as right now, sicne she been broken up w/ Dan! So get a life people! R and M... Well, M as gone though so tough times on the OC. Even when she was w/ Ryan she still got into trouble. She brought Ryan into it! I still love them too! Get yalls story right! Love GG anc OC!


fantastic....let's see how serena & dan will go without him standing between them


yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good riddance you freak


OMG serena and dan are soo boring together. They always had some stupid argument. Serena always thought that she needed to change her self when in reality it was way more exciting to watch her as a party girl who actually accepted who she is and just did a lot of coke. AND Dan was so annoying trying to act like he is such hot stuff cause he's a brooklyn writer. And he was, is soo judgemental. With that whole georgina thing in season one his reasoning for breaking up with serena was because she lied? how ridiculous was that. he could forgive her that she almost killed a person but he was like oh well you lied. EVERYONE LIES! i agree with Layla, they really should have made aaron more interesting because dan and serena are doomed. it's like the o.c. marissa would always change into the good girl when she was with ryan but then in a couple episodes when they broke up she was passing out again. ugh! they need to pick one or the other


I'm just disappointed on the way the writers wrote aaron. I understand that they are not following the books but in the books he was so much more interesting. I was excited when i heard they were bringing Aaron in and then it was like, um what why did they make him into an unlikable pretentious pedophile with bad facial hair. I was just really disappointed with the character. aaannnd They could have had thrown some scenes with blair since they are related now.
I really wish that they didn't make nate into such an aimless slut. cut that i wish they didn't make nate into such a BORING aimless slutt.

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