Gossip Girl Spoilers: Aaron Rose Gone For Good!

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You'd better be sitting down for this piece of Gossip Girl news revealed late yesterday:

Aaron Rose has gone to Argentina, which we know... and he's not coming back! Ever!

Try to contain your celebratory dances and other behavior.

Despite no ending seemingly written for the character's story arc, the CW has confirmed that December 8 ("O Brother Where Bart Thou?") was the last we'll see of John Patrick Amedori, who had played Aaron Rose in the past six episodes.

Aaron Rose Photo

Gossip Girl has cut ties with Aaron Rose, artist of indeterminate age.

But why is he gone so abruptly?

And does Aaron's departure suggest that a long-awaited Derena reunion is right around the corner? Follow the jump for what E! Online has to say about the subject ...

"Aaron Rose was a big character in the
Gossip Girl books, and I know the plan was for him to stay around a little longer," a source close to the show says.

"But some of the powers that be weren't responding well to the way the character was going."

Therefore, he is gone.

Sadly, though, for Dan and Serena fans, the departure of Aaron does not mean the characters played by Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are finally settling down.

Jessica Szohr tells E! exclusively that over the next few episodes, "Serena and Dan are running in circles with their relationship." So... the same as always?

Just as Serena is freed up, Dan will become entangled with a new lady, and from what we've learned from Gossip Girl spoilers, it looks like it may be new guest star Laura Breckenridge, the hot new teacher who flirts with Dan and tortures Blair.

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Are you kidding, Amy? I never heard of someone that means exactly the same as me, other than my best friend. That's so funny:P I don't get why people think they are boring. The first time I heard someone say that, I was like WTF, but then I heard so many say it. I really can't understand it at all! They are soulmates. The fact that Dan liked her for so long (October 8th 2005), is the cutest thing. And that she began to like him after seing him once, made it better. As I wrote in on of my last posts, Dan and Serena's uncomplicated relationship made me love Gossip Girl. They solved their problems in every episode, and they made me cry so many times. Dan and Serena love(d) each other so much. Therefor I really hope that Lily and Rufus don't ruin them! BTW, all my friends and every one I know who watch GG, love Derena. That is one of the reasons that i don't get why people on the internet hate them. But the good thing is that it seems like people like them better now. I remember when they actually were together, people here got glad when Derena broke up. Now everyone is like "Why can't they get together, they are perfect!" I now this was a long post, but I can go on forever:P


omg julie ik same here! i watched those other two shows and i loved the same couples. darena needs to be together like i dont think i can watch it anymore if they dont end up together:( and i dont get why ppl think they are boring they are so adorable together and they are like what true love is so i dont get how thats boring..


Amy and the other one who agrees with me: I don't think anyone understands how much we want them together! I don't care if they're boring (although I don't think they are at all), I just want them to be happy!!! I watched the beginning of season 1 today, the first 9 episodes, and I can't think of a Gossip Girl ending without Derena being a couple... They love each other soooo much. If they don't end up together, I'm gonna cry. I have been addicted to three series: The O.C., GG and OTH. My favourite couple in The O.C., which also is my all time favourite show, was Ryan and Marissa. They didn't end up together, although they loved each other when she died! In OTH it's Brooke and Lucas. They did not end up as a couple either. If Derena don't, I'm gonna stop watching TV - shows! Pretty, pretty please, Schwarts, let Derena be together!


Julie.. i totally agree with you! :) i want darena together sooo bad i dont think anyone understands. in the last ep i cried when i saw chuck crying but i also did when i saw dan walking away alone!!!! they are so cute and inc why wouldnt serena wanna kiss him back!? they still love eachother you can tell lol


Urgh! Finally!
Goodbye Aaron and I will not miss you. I can't wait for Serena and Dan to get back together. It's just so breathtaking when they are together as a couple, you know, rather than Aaron and Serena. Total eyesore. And why would Aaron be gone and never come back? Don't know, don't care!




I hate Aaron Rose in the show, although I had nothing against him the book. I'm glad he will no longer be on the show! As for Derena I would love if they got back together. I just think it would be wierd now, espicially if their planning on bringing in the love child. That would just be messed up.


He probably broke his neck and died because he doesnt have a neck pillow ;)


thank god
everyone knows dan and serena belong together
that ugly ass painter boy doesnt deserve serena........... xoxo


finally!!! god, i'm so happy!

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