Gossip Girl Spoilers: Aaron Rose Gone For Good!

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You'd better be sitting down for this piece of Gossip Girl news revealed late yesterday:

Aaron Rose has gone to Argentina, which we know... and he's not coming back! Ever!

Try to contain your celebratory dances and other behavior.

Despite no ending seemingly written for the character's story arc, the CW has confirmed that December 8 ("O Brother Where Bart Thou?") was the last we'll see of John Patrick Amedori, who had played Aaron Rose in the past six episodes.

Aaron Rose Photo

Gossip Girl has cut ties with Aaron Rose, artist of indeterminate age.

But why is he gone so abruptly?

And does Aaron's departure suggest that a long-awaited Derena reunion is right around the corner? Follow the jump for what E! Online has to say about the subject ...

"Aaron Rose was a big character in the Gossip Girl books, and I know the plan was for him to stay around a little longer," a source close to the show says.

"But some of the powers that be weren't responding well to the way the character was going."

Therefore, he is gone.

Sadly, though, for Dan and Serena fans, the departure of Aaron does not mean the characters played by Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are finally settling down.

Jessica Szohr tells E! exclusively that over the next few episodes, "Serena and Dan are running in circles with their relationship." So... the same as always?

Just as Serena is freed up, Dan will become entangled with a new lady, and from what we've learned from Gossip Girl spoilers, it looks like it may be new guest star Laura Breckenridge, the hot new teacher who flirts with Dan and tortures Blair.

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Glad he's gone! I saw ZERO connection with those characters. You know you're good when the viewers start to root for you (Chair & Derena). He so did not fit in with the rest of the group...I have no problem with disheveled hair (Ed and Chace) but AR just always looked dirty and unkept to me. Gross!


YAY!!! I am so happy! I didn't like watching him and serena. Their scenes made me want to gag at times :)


Yeah for the Aaron-is-gone thing, but that I already knew:( I thought it meant a Derena reunion! WHY do they need to stay away from each other that long!? Can't they just reunite, be together for many years, marrie, have kids and then die together when they're 90 years... I really hope they get together later this season, or i'll be mad!!!!!!






So does this mean we're going to have to go in circles with Dan and Serena they to break up for good or just stay together.


Ding Dong the Rose is gone :]


yesssss!!! i hated him!




thank god he is gone, i hated him s can do so much better!

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