Gossip Girl Spoilers: Baby on Board?

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Monday, we reported that Kelly Rutherford (Lily) is pregnant with her second child. But that's not the Gossip Girl baby buzz that has the fans talking.

As the promos for next Monday's episode make abundantly, clear, someone is harboring a secret. A huge secret. Even by Gossip Girl standards.

According to E! Online, it does indeed involve a baby.

The twists and turns just keep coming on the Upper East Side, and Monday's episode, "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" is certainly no exception.

Lily van der Woodsen with Rufus Humphrey

Inside sources have revealed that not only is next week's episode (about the aftermath of Bart Bass' accident) one of the most gripping episodes yet, it involves a jaw-dropping twist for one of the Gossip Girl gals - a pregnancy.

Yes, we will find out that one of the Upper East Side females we know and love is (gulp) with child. Now that certainly qualifies as a significant plot twist.

Any theories on this Gossip Girl development? Post them below!

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My name is Linda. I hail from the south. It is a beautiful. I'm happy to have been referred to www.gossipgirlinsider.com. I have a lot to learn, but I'm not a total noob.cheers


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I know for a fact it is Elanor waldorf!!
In Australia we are so far behind we only just had the second GG episode of S2


Oh and GG, Remember, Dan told Serena that they didn't have sex but "Something DID happen between them." with means that G most likely just gave him a blow job or something. XD


OMG I know for sure that it's Eleanor!!! HERE'S THE PROF: Episode 2.16 is titled YOU'VE GOT YALE and will air on Monday 19th January 2009!!! So let me explain what that title means: In the books, Yale is the name of Blair's baby sister. It cant mean the literal college because it was already concluded that blair was accepted in yale along with serena. It's NOT Lily (because we already know that she had a baby but gave it up for adoption and his name is Andrew.) or any of the high school girls.


Has anyone thought it could b G. She n Dan spent that night together bfore the wedding! She is set to return!!!


It would be nice to see a couple like Rufus and Lilly in real love for years reunite for good on the show , give some hope and stability to the crazyness of this so uncertain and unstable world.
Young kids are certainly very influencable, and despite her love for Rufus, giving up a baby at 19 is not something so unforgiveable if he is truly in love with her.
Plus, it would be nice to see a baby in the show instead of all this sex oriented dry love that seems to dominate the whole show and is not TOO MUCH HOPE for TEENS.
Let's have the writers reunite Lilly and Rufus, for the romantic side of it!


tat comment meant not only chuck lost blair but blair lost chuck too!!!

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