Gossip Girl Spoilers: Lily-Rufus Love Child Update

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Gossip Girl ended 2008 with a bang last Monday in "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"

In particular, the bombshell dropped in the very last line by Rufus - was it a boy or a girl? - has sparked great discussion in our Round Table and forum.

Here's a little update on the Lily-Rufus love child from Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, who addresses it as part of his spoiler Q&A session ...

Q: Last Monday's episode of Gossip Girl was devastating! I don't know how I'll wait until January. Please give me some good news to hold me over!

A: Lily and Rufus' love child is coming to town! Eventually! According to one of my Gossip Girl insiders, Eric, Serena, Jenny and Dan's half sibling is not expected to show up until April or May at the earliest. Also, I'm told no final decision has been made about the little bastard's gender, but, c'mon, it's got to be a girl. For the cat fight potential alone!

Lily van der Woodsen with Rufus Humphrey

When will we get to meet Rufus and Lily's child, and under what circumstances? Let us know your theories on this intriguing Gossip Girl development!

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Dan and Serena sharing a sibling is the funniest thing ever. No offense but they bore me to death, anything to get them off my screens permanently makes me happy.


Thank to GG Recaps Says:
December 17th, 2008 4:13 PM It's going to be GEORGINA!!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! for the good laugh!


way to steal this idea from 90210 josh!!!


who gives a shit about lily's and rufus' child? do they REALLY have to bring some retarted person into the show and ruin serena's or everybody's life? if they gave that child away,they should just leave it there.why should serena and dan have a common brother or sister?


this storline is going to be so interesting can't wait. Hopefully rufus and Lily will get back together properly now


You know what's really effed up? That Lily let Serena date Dan, knowing they are kinda related in sum sort of twisted way. Even if they aren't blood, it's still pretty gross...


I like the way the writers are going, by focusing on Lily and Rufus drama. Their "dramas" always bring some Serena and Dan action, so I can't wait. Whatever the writers have planned, I'm assuming will be GREAT.


I remember hearing about a new (and young) teacher coming onto the scene. Could it be her? Actually, I hope not.. because I also recall that she will have romantic ties with Dan =S


It's going to be GEORGINA!!!!!!


very well done furygrrl.it never occured to me!that might be what happens!

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