Gossip Girl Spoilers: "You've Got Yale" Episode Synopsis

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Below is the CW's press release for Episode 16 of Season Two, "You've Got Yale" (another great title). This episode will air on Monday, January 19 ...

It’s that stressful time of year when Constance Billard and St. Jude’s students find out who is and isn’t worthy of early admission to Yale University.

Meanwhile, Serena van der Woodsen bonds with her new Shakespeare teacher, Rachel (guest star Laura Breckenridge), who has no clue what kind of wrath she's about to incur after giving Blair Waldorf the first B of her private school career.

Chuck teams up with an unlikely ally in his war with Jack (guest star Desmond Harrington) over Bass Industries, while Nate and Vanessa spend a romantic night at the opera.

Green with NV

Sounds interesting! For synopses of the next two episodes ("In the Realm of the Basses," airing January 5, and "Gone with the Will, airing January 12), follow the jump ...

Next Monday in "In the Realm of the Basses," Chuck has been MIA since his father’s funeral, but his uncle Jack arrives to help him pick up the messy pieces ... once he finds him, that is. Trying her best to forget her last painful exchange with Chuck, Blair focuses her attention on being accepted into the most prestigious club in the city, Colony Club. Jenny returns to Constance Billard and immediately takes on Penelope and her posse of mean girls, but no one is going down without a valiant, Gossip Girl-worthy fight.

Then, in "Gone with the Will," Chuck, Bart’s brother Jack, and Lily learn the fate of Bart Bass' empire. Rufus and Lily’s relationship is strained further as Rufus seeks details about the child he never knew he had, and when Dan uncovers Rufus and Lily's secret, he must decide what to do with this revelation.

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anyone say i to tht?!


The unlikely ally is Lily you guys. Chuck is going to realize that he needs a parent (aka Lily) to look out for his best interest since Jack obviously just wants to take advantage of him. She kinda owes him since he didn't tell her secret.


Nate and Vanessa repulse me. Oh wait, that's just Vanessa. She should get off the effing show because there's no point to her being there. She's only with Nate because CB & DS (vomit, I hate DS) are the main couples and NV are a filler couple. Lol, daninreallife, Jessica is a regular NOT a main. There's a difference.


listen up:
i love gg, i read all the book and here is how the couples should be: dv, cb, and NS. Nate and serena are perfect for eachother, they should be going to the opera. vanessa and dan are both poor and gay, and chuck and blair are both evil and funny. Thats how it should be. We all noe nate and serena like each other. Doesnt nyone agree?!


I am a total Blair and Chuck fan!!
Personally, Blair and Chuck should team up and scheme for getting rid of BOTH their troubles.
"We heard this story before, and if I remember correctly, everyone ended up dead." -Gossip Girl xoxo


Oh and a few more things. Yall are horrible saying this stuff about Vanessa. And might I add ignorant!!! V and N are about to be the couple on this show since all these other failed attempts between the other charactors aren't working. Their both gorgeous people, how could you hate that?
They do hide much of jessicas gorgeousness in the show and I hate it.
And jenny is a bit young for Nate. She needs someone her own age. Like Eric :) theyr the cutest besties. Ugh why can't he be straight lol


Get over it. There are diff personas for diff charactors. I thought Blair was the worst at the beginning of last season and I love her now! Vanessa is an important factor in the show! She was responsible for one of the absolute cutest moments in gg history season 1 roman holiday Serenas present for Dan :) and Btw the TV series hardly relates to the books anyways. All you Chuck and Blair fans FYI they werent even friends in the books Don't get me wrong no one loves the 2 more than me.. I'm just saying.


I always had this peculiar dislike towards vanessa. But after that episode where jenny tries to sabatage Vanessa's reletionship with nate; by lending her that see-through gown for the snowflake ball; my heart kind of warmed to her.
I mean we actually see Vanessa blubbering tearfully with excess nose drippage in the scene where nate follows her out onto the street. I am a C/B fanatic - i love everything about them. But sometimes its really touching to see some real open emotion, and i thought that that particular snowflake ball episode was amazingly beautiful. One further note to add, i can't believe the whole Chuck situation, it has all seamed to spiral out of control. It's amazing to think chuck is on the sidelines of becoming the richest kid in New York! WOW!


Why don't some of you freaks calm down. Jealousy is an ugly trait to have. Vanessa wasn't even mentioned as the person who helps chuck, and some of you are taking dumps in your pants/skirts/dresses and having heart attacks. Some people that post in these threads are idiots and have shown ignorance beyond words.


I say I!!! haha i loveeeeee jenny/nate they were the best together! too bad the stupid writer put nate/vanessa to try and boost vanessa's popularity with the fans. HA! this makes me hate her even more. nate and jenny :))

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