Gretchen Rossi Speaks on Life in Orange County

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Gretchen Rossi may be the newest member of the Real Housewives of Orange County, but she has no problem speaking her mind.

How does she feel about veteran housewife Vicki Gunvalson, for example?

"I think sometimes Vicki is in her own little world and doesn't pay attention to anyone around her," Gretchen told E! Online earlier today. "It comes off very rude and very insensitive."

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On the opening episode of the fourth season, Rossi's fellow housewives referred to her a "gold digger" because husband Jeff is 23 years her senior. Gretchen, who waited to marry Jeff until his suffering from acute leukemia was lessened, replied:

"I think people would have made assumptions if I had married him [when he was close to dying], and that's not the reason I was ever with Jeff... I really wanted to marry him when he was healthy enough to walk down an aisle. Jeff asked me many times to marry him while he was in the hospital and I said, 'I'm not doing that.'"

In closing, Rossi has a lot to say about housewife Tamra Barney, as well.

"You know, she was just really offensive to me in a statement that she made about Jeff. She just hit the wrong chord with me. The day before, we talked and she was my best friend it seemed like, but then the next night she was making comments about him. It was really hurtful."

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The only thing i think about this guy jay is he is trying to be in the spot light and i think the only person that believes this guy is tamra ..when gretchen was with jeff you can see the love there .he wouldnt have spoken about her the way he did when he got choked up if she wasnt there with him and in is hard to be with someone in the hospital that is trying to survive with out talking to people who know you 'and people that listen and know there relationship together''like her parents ann friends'jay needs to get a life or try to take tamra out since they talked on the phone more then once''lol''i hope to see gretchen on another season with the house wifes ..maybe she will be ready for another love in her lif by that time who knows but i hope she stays


what is her myspace url?


Sorry Gretchen, but in 20 years when you look back at this, and all we saw on the show was Jeff spending millions of dollars on you, it is what it is. Old men love young chicks that look like you. It's like a hunter going for the biggest game. I hope his children received all his assets. I'm sure your boyfriend has all the goods on you, which is sad for you. We could tell by the way your face looked on the reunion show, that you had been caught and you weren't prepared for the lashback. Just come clean and redeem yourself. Rumors are flying already about Slade. 5 months is not long enough to grieve about someone you say you loved so much. I'm not saying what Tamra did was right, but if you had not been messing around with someone, there would not have been a phone call in the first place.


Gretchen- I'm very sorry for your loss I can't imagine the hell you've
gone through. Maybe someone will offer you your own show,
I hope so. I really don't like the mental and verbal abuse
Tamra and Vicki hand-out. Their so mean. I like the way you
hold your head up high, your an inspiration to all women old and young. Tamra and Vicki should get over themselves. They
give women a bad name. Look forward and be proud of yourself. My good thought's are with you.


Gretchen, I think you are the most genuine person on the show. Don't even pay a second thought to Vicky and Tamra, they are just jealous cause they are old and worn out, and they don't have any of the personality you do! They act like bratty little middle schoolers.


Hi Gretchen
Im so sorry for your loss. I am deeply saddened and mad about what people are saying about you. My husband is 21 years older than me similar to you and jeffs sge difference. Age is just a number and people need to realize age is just a number as long as you love someone. I know just from watching the show that you really loved and cared for Jeff and you are a beautiful person inside and out. I think that there is no way his kids would love and respect you if they thought you were a gold digger and from watching the show they clearly do. I know because my husband has 2 grown daughters and we love and respect each other the same way.
I think no one has the right to judge anyone untill they walk a day in your shoes.


Gretchen - You are the only reason I watch housewives.. Your laugh,positiveness and kind heart are infectious. The others are so jealous it is funny. I would like to hold a mirror in front of Tamara and Vicky and let them really look at their own lives and see how miserable they are before they point fingers and judge. Vicky goes to Chicago and hangs on the men in a bar talking about her girls wanting to come out and play - give me a break - you insecure bitch.. And Tamara grabbing her husbands crotch in front of a whole boat full of people, not to mention her little kids and she says she has class.. It is a joke.. I am so sorry to hear of Jeff's passing - You could see the Love in his eyes everytime they showed him looking at you.. I thought for sure when they called you up to where the motorcycle was it would have been Jeff and you would have gotten Married right there.. Best of luck with your future - I am sure you will do well.. Hope to see you on future episodes or another show of your own...


sorry for your loss you were ther every step of the way!! God will bless you!


Gretchen, I am so sorry that Jeff passed away. You and him would have been happy together. You and Jeana are the "Real" housewives. Vicki is rich and miserable! Don't pay her any attention! Tamra wishes she were you---don't pay her any attention either! I hate that Jeff did not get well so the two of you could spend a life together. Just so you know, I believe you genuinely loved Jeff and his being rich was just a bonus. I truly hope once you get over losing Jeff you will end up lucky in love.


Gretchen-You are truly a brave soul. The truth about you seems apparent from reading your blog. I have known deep grief and your comments/emotions are from deep grief that only comes from real love. That can't be faked.You have some true enemies like Tamra. Take the high road out of this and be true to yourself. Ignore every mean word from those who don't get it/ can't be kind. You have to be wise beyond your years.