Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Callie and Arizona?

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What is the deal with the love life of Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez)?

Hahn is out ... Sadie is possibly in ... Mark is always hanging around.

Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, Jessica Capshaw is joining Grey's Anatomy for a three-episode story arc as pediatrician Dr. Arizona Robbins, who comes to Seattle Grace to help Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) on a difficult surgical case.

That much isn't new - but now the word is that she's also going to share at least one kiss with Callie! Arizona will be a love interest for Callie for those episodes.

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But what about Sadie (Melissa George) and the insinuation in last night's episode, "All By Myself," that Callie and Sadie might be heading toward a romance?

Sources say despite their initial flirtation, this will not really go anywhere. But that does not mean Sadie will be totally out of the love loop at Seattle Grace.

"She'll be having lots [of love interests]," Melissa George said. "Of course, it's Grey's Anatomy. Everybody loves everybody. The girls, the guys, everybody."

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I am straight but I really like Arizona(Jessica), She has this amazing personality. I love HER.


I just want to say - I love Callie and ARizona - I think Arizona is a gorgeous breathtaking beautiful woman...she is a breath of fresh air for Greys - They need someone like her - She is perky and funny but at the same time is loyal and honourable - I like Callie and Arizona together - The fact that they are gay means absolutley nothing to me they are just like a hetrosexual couple infact I wish there were more scenes focussed on their love instead of Derrick and Meridith or Izzie and Alex we have had 5 years of them its time for some new hot couple and Calzona are it! Arizona totally rules and her and Callie are a great couple although I worry that Callie may ruin it....I hope Grey's does the right thing and keeps these two amazing woman together we need a good happy lesbian couple on TV this is after all 2010 not the dark ages! Go Calzona!!!!


i think calie and arizona are so hot together. cant wait to see this turn out into something amazing! dont like sadie but did like haun i think Arizon wil fill them boots with justice!!!


An asian posing as an American named Arizona Robbins is, of course, an impossibility, unless it's a bad spy, and bad spies shouldn't be kissing in America, because America kills bad spies. Leave the kissing between American women and men, boatshit.


The morning after Erica left. Callie Sloan and Yang was talking. Yang ask Callie if she was a lesbian and she kinda conformed that she was a lesbian with the whole oncebian comment. So yeah I'de say yes she has decided she is a lesbian. I wish everyone would just let it go and let us see what happens. I didn't like Sloan and Lexie, but now I've learn to just over look it. Her going to Mark and getting naked made me wanna puick. But ya take the good with the bad and move on. I can't hardly wait till september. I hope soon after the premier that we get a freaking wedding. The post-it's was really cute. But I need a WEDDING a big WEDDING.


i absolutely love the whole arizona and callie love interest. yea erica and callie were good but i wasnt fussed much on erica's character, she was always being rude and ignornant to the other members of staff, but i loved te other side of her when she was with callie.
now i know she is gone, which is sad, and shes beautiful so i dont believe she was thrown off because of her looks. the whole callie and sadie thing was not ment to be, but we have to give callie and arizona a chance.
callie hasnt come out bi or gay or anything bt she explained that she missed being with someone so i dont blame her flirting or starting something even with a girl, when she desperately needs to have contact with another human being.


Rachel what ya said was very good. It seems to be ok to watch Mc Dreamy take mers panties off and have sex on the exam table. And for Izzy and Alex to have oral sex while a dead Denny watches. To have and episode where Little Grey breaks Sloans pennis and Mer causes her new b/f to get a hard on that won't go down. And to show a guy with a pennis fish. Oh and lets not forget the ep where the lady and man get stuck together. And has to be brought into the OR to be taken apart. And the ep where Mer and George has sex and mer crys. I didn't mention all cause this post would be so large. But all that didn't have any effect on anyones child. HUH??? Or the fact that everyone sleeps around. Not a problem. But you let 2 people (Lesbians) talk about there relationship and everyone freaks out. I thought that ep where Brooke talks about the glasses deserves and emmy as does the ep where Miranda talks to Callie about the sour dough bread. Bottom line is if your child isn't a lesbian already this isn't going to have any effect on your child at all. If your child is a lesbian, then it is time for you to talk to her or send her to someone who can help her with her feelings. Don't tell her she is wrong for having these feelings. She will stop talking to you and keep everything inside. And she will have very low self esteem and hate herself. I know these things cause I once was a very confussed child and teenager. Try and understand her feeling and love unconditionally.


Rachel it's a comment. I not putting your comments down or will I respond to it in a negative way.


Are you people serious? What is so irresponsible about showing a lesbian couple on TV? I get it; it's okay for families to watch random doctors having sex in on-call rooms as long as they're heterosexual but once the lesbian couple holds hands, it becomes too risque for prime time. Homophobia at its most ridiculous. Glad people like you don't control what we watch John. To Sara Lee, I highly doubt that Callie and Arizona's relationship has had any sort of detrimental effect on your daughter. If your daughter really is attracted to women, she will continue to be regardless of whether Grey's shows Callie and Arizona or not. What's wrong with her trying to understand herself and what she's feeling? If anything, it would probably help her by making her feel less alone in this. That you think Callie and Arizona's relationship "adds to the confusion" says much more about you than it does about Grey's or your daughter.

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