Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Callie and Arizona?

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What is the deal with the love life of Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez)?

Hahn is out ... Sadie is possibly in ... Mark is always hanging around.

Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, Jessica Capshaw is joining Grey's Anatomy for a three-episode story arc as pediatrician Dr. Arizona Robbins, who comes to Seattle Grace to help Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) on a difficult surgical case.

That much isn't new - but now the word is that she's also going to share at least one kiss with Callie! Arizona will be a love interest for Callie for those episodes.

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But what about Sadie (Melissa George) and the insinuation in last night's episode, "All By Myself," that Callie and Sadie might be heading toward a romance?

Sources say despite their initial flirtation, this will not really go anywhere. But that does not mean Sadie will be totally out of the love loop at Seattle Grace.

"She'll be having lots [of love interests]," Melissa George said. "Of course, it's Grey's Anatomy. Everybody loves everybody. The girls, the guys, everybody."

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