Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Izzie-Denny Twist Revealed!

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Grey's Anatomy watchers who don't want to know the big secret behind Denny Duquette's afterlife love affair with Izzie Stevens should turn back now.

Michael Ausiello of EW has gotten to the bottom of it.

It looks like creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes wasn't lying when she said last month that a brain tumor wasn't what was causing Izzie's strange case of seeing (and doing a whole lot more with) dead people. But she was also being a little sneaky.

That Smiling Face

But what could it be? Moreover, how does ABC feel about the plot line, and where is it going from here? Find out what's going on with Izzie after the jump ...

Izzie's hallucinations are health-related - and brain-related.

According to sources, although the specific name of the ailment is being kept in the safe underneath Rhimes' desk, it's reportedly similar to an aneurysm.

Every time it flares up, she sees Denny. When it really flares up, she shags him.

Interestingly, Izzie's aneurysm (or whatever the disorder is) was never intended to be fatal. Plans change, but, per an ABC insider, Shonda Rhimes didn't cook up this story in order to grant Katherine Heigl's alleged wish to be killed off the show.

Rather, the Grey's Anatomy boss wanted to give her actress the thing she allegedly wanted, and that eluded her last season: some great, Emmy-worthy material.

Say what you want about the story, Katherine Heigl has delivered.

For their part, ABC execs remain divided except for on one point: Everyone acknowledges that the plot is asking the audience to take a huge leap.

"It's definitely an unorthodox story, but I trust in Shonda," maintains one suit, who says the press will eviscerate the network no matter what they do.

"If we interfere, we get blamed for messing with someone's creative vision. If we don't do anything, we get blamed for the backlash. You really can't win."

Another insider says ABC execs are getting antsy waiting for the audience to find out about the underlying medical issue fueling Izzie's spectral romance.

So antsy, in fact, that they are applying some light pressure on Rhimes to speed up the reveal. Once you know the reason why Izzie and Denny are interacting, their logic assumes, you will be much more willing to go along for the ride.

What do you think about it, Grey's Anatomy fans? Comment below!

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I love Grey's Anatomy - but the Izzy/Denny storyline is driving me away. Grey's is losing its touch..


Thank GOD Denny is gone. Whats up with Izzy's illness he was warning her about?????


I used to love watching Grey's. I started to become bored with it two season's ago but was still hopeful. I have to say, I haven't watched a full episode yet this season. I think I'm done.


I think if you only come to complain and moan...
why even watch the show,,,REALLY..
Every show that you seem to watch everybody seems to complain about one thing or another....
If you don't like the story line don't freaking watch it...
I think the producers of Grey's are very talented people..
Any producer is very talented with imagination...I think with imagination and smarts like that why Diss them they way you do...
Everyone has a right to their own opinion but...
Why be negative about it...
Do what works...Don't like it don't watch it...EASY AS THAT...
kudos to all producers and the actors...


It just makes me mad everytime anyone of this threesome is on the screen. Also why don't the other "doctors" her friends see anything wrong. It just is very irritating and I wish they would just cut to the diagnosis and choice - dead or alive - I don't care - just move forward and quit milking the dead cow!


Don't like it, no way no how, no matter what the reason. Shonda Rhimes has so "jumped the shark" with this ridiculous story line I simply can't watch. I loved Izzie, her realness, her issues, her trailer park upbringing that she has risen above, her child that she gave up for adoption....all of it until Denny. So he died and it was tragic, but the tragic realness is the crap story lines she has had ever since. One more ludicrous then the next until this one which is just beyond the pale. STUPID, and I just can't watch any more.


I am loving this season. The only thing i hope happens is that Christina and Meredith make up soon. I hate seeing them hate each other. The each others person.


You guy all need to get a freakin' life!!! I'm the biggest fan you could ever meet, but you don't see me whining about what's going on in the show. If it's stupid, go get some education, and write your own freakin' movie/show! GET A LIFE!!!!! You whine more than the stupid spoiled brat stars do!!!!


The only reason I am still watching Grey's is to see more of Denny. The other story lines have taken a hit. Grey's still has it's moments, don't get me wrong. I can honestly say an aneurysm never occurred to me. I knew it wouldn't turn out to be something "cheesy" like Izzie was dreaming this whole thing; but figured maybe Denny had not actually died and was being kept alive, somehow, hoping for a recovery and it was "him" who was dreaming while in a medically induced coma. I don't even know if comatose people dream; but, I don't like this aneurysm storyline. I'll keep watching until the day they take him away for good. If the other story lines improve, I may keep watching after that.


Yea, its a bit of a stretch, but if I get to see Denny every week, it is SO WORTH IT!!!

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