Heroes Poll: Did You Like Volume Three?

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Some fans loved it.

Other despised it.

Indeed, thoughts on the third volume of Heroes were mixed throughout the first half of this season. Now, we'd like to gauge overall reader reaction to the series:

What were your feelings on "Villains?"


  • Kaito vs. Hiro
  • Evil Lovers
  • HRG Pic
  • The Evil Team
  • Don't Do It!
  • Nathan and Tracy
  • Sorry, Peter
  • Elle Gets Wet

Click on the photos above to relive some of the more memorable scenes from volume three of Heroes.

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I suggest a fifth option (as I don't agree with the four options here), 'liked it but thought it could have been a lot better and as a result was disappointed a lot'.

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Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm not sure it's me looking back.

Niki Sanders

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