Heroes Round Table: The Eclipse Part 2

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Welcome to our 21st Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Timex: I'm sure you'll end of coming back to life, like every other character. See you in a couple weeks.

Do you agree with Nathan's decision to use Pineheast powers for good?
Timex: No. While Nathan may have the best interests of the world in mind, remember: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A. Hiro: Yes! We've been told that abilities eventually make people evil, but why is Nathan the first to realize how much good they can also lead to? Let's put the proper Petrelli in charge of Pinehearst and see what happens.

Milover: At least he's being proactive. For this entire volume, Team Primatch has been gathering, trying to forge a plan that will defeat Arthur and Team Pinehearst. But do we even know what's so evil about Arthur's side? Go find out for us, Nathan!

Where did Peter learn how to use a machine gun?
Milover: You'd be amazed what they teach at nursing school these days.

Timex: Relax, it's a TV show! Plus, how hard can it be to press a trigger? I thought it was cool that Peter wanted to prove himself, even without his abilities.

A. Hiro: Probably from Future Peter. That guy could do it all!

Should the show kill off more characters?

A. Hiro: Yes. I love most of the characters, but, seriously, the series has to show viewers situations that actually have consequences. Did anyone - seriously, ANYone - think Claire or Sylar was actually dead last night? Of course not. Sacrifice a few favorites for the greater good.

Milover: Definitely. And, I'm very sad to say, start wth Hiro. I'd rather see this once-beloved character laid to rest than to be involved in asinine story lines such as thinking he's 10 years old.

Timex: Yes. And here's a novel idea: make them the good guys. So far this season, Adam Monroe and Elle have been the major deaths. And they were both villains! The show needs to pack the emotional wallop of actually killing a major Hero in order to prove that there's truly a lot at stake in these adventures.

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No way should they kill Hiro (I'm biased, he's my favourite and I'd stop watching if Masi left the show), everyone in my house spontaneously (sp?) cheered when he showed up and saved the day in the last episode. Mohinder needs to die and make sure Maya is REALLY gone (we were so upset to see her pop up again). Matt needs to stop being a sap and Daphne needs to die (nemesis my a*se, she needs to meet Sylar QUICKLY!).
I'm still baffled at everyone's lack of awareness of the formula. Thye either need to make clear that someone's had their memory wiped or else how do they explain Nathan and Tracy et al being given a formula to give them powers but no-one remembering how or what the ingredients were (cos currently it seems only Kaito knew and that's stupid cos he couldn't have been doing all that alone, literally).
They need a proper problem for the heroes to solve and currently it's a shambles.


Claire, Peter, Nathan, Sylar, Mohinder, Parkman, and Hiro need to be cut. Bring in fresh blood, new people with more interesting abilities and not so powerful like time travel and power stealing. Make it more character driven less event driven, what motivates these people to do the things they do instead of uncharacteristic behavior to drive an event. Go back to the basics!


definately kill off tracey. she has no purpose in this story whatsoever. Or maybe mohinder...he was good in the first season and maybe the second but hes wearing out his usefulness in this season.


Kill off claire if you're gonna kill off anyone. I'm tired of watching her cry. She's not good at being tough either. She can play a cheerleader but not an adult.


i think peter should get his powers back for sure, its frustrating me how he doesnt have them anymore, and im sad that elle's dead sort of, it was confusing how one hour, sylar liked her,and a few hours later he killed her!! :S WHY?? i dont want sylar to be evil anymore though, i love him when hes good! its so cute!


have peter get his powers back by using sylars ability. the only reason i can think of for him getting it.
he can re-learn his abilities


I heard a rumour that Hiro's going on a few not well known fan forums. Apparently he intervenes in some battle and gets killed. I'd be glad if this ones true.


I just found out that TV Guide has confirmed that Elle's a goner. According to the December 8th issue entitled, "A Heroes Farewell", "The second chapter of this season’s Heroes is titled “Fugitives� but one hero won’t survive long enough to go on the lam starting in early February. Kristen Bell’s electrifying Elle will bite the dust ( I’m told for good!) in the December 8 episode." I didn't think they would bring her back to life after Claire and Sylar came back in the last episode.


Kill Tracy....she has no use in the story! Lets lose the Blonde...lets get some Brunettes!!!! Bring back Missy Peregrim as Candice somehow..her on Reaper sucks!


Kill Sylar...He's cool but lets get another Villain now to fear. I think he has lasted a little too long! Dont kill Mohinder....I like his story...Come on Guys....how do we start an episode then without his opening monologue!!!!!

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