How I Met Your Mother Cast Recreates History

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Is there any doubt that How I Met Your Mother is the funniest show on TV?

The cast of this CBS comedy posed for a series of Entertainment Weekly photos, each meant to recreate a memorable moment from 2008. To wit:

Pretend Swimmers

The actors above lost most of their hair to portray the U.S. 4x200m relay team from this year's Olympics, the Gold Medal-winning squad that included Michael Phelps.

Neil Patrick Harris even convinced Jason Segel to shave his 

''The guys sounded like they didn't think it was going to grow back,'' said Smulders. ''Dude. Trust me. It grows back. 
 I wish it didn't. It does. You're gonna be fine.''

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HIMYM Quotes

Ted [to Stella in his dream encounter]: You picked the wrong guy.
Stella: Ted?
Ted: You picked the wrong guy. You made a really, really, really bad choice. What were you thinking? That guy? Are you kidding me? Have you learned nothing in the last eight years? You're just gonna regret this. You know that, right? You are going to regret this, and now there is nothing you can do about it because it's too late. All you can do now is go up there and start your crappy, disappointing life that will never be nearly as happy as the one you could have had with me. Good-bye.
Stella: Ted, wait.
Ted: Look, Stella, I am not here to win you back. I am here because I need to know that you know you made the biggest mistake of your life.
Stella: I know

You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.