Jessica Szohr Takes a Coffee Break

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Taking shelter from the rain under an umbrella, Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) grabbed a cup of coffee from Starbucks on a break from shooting Gossip Girl in New York ...

Rainy Day in the City

SZHOR TO PLEASE: Jessica's character, Vanessa Abrams, is not Gossip Girl's most popular, but we always enjoy seeing the actress. [Photo Credit: Splash News Online]

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i think she looks amazing..go v!


Looks like someone's happy with all the media attention.


I might not like her character but I think she looks gorgeous! If I could pull that off, I would totally wear that. Kudos to the Gossip Girl stylist :]


I don't see why people hate her. There's nothing wrong with her or the outfit. Now here's one thing, I'd throw that bag away and get a new one, but we have our days, don't we?


I actually like her tights. You can't even really see if she's wearing a skirt or something behind the bag. The bag's atrocious, but Jessica is always lovely.


Ugh! Tights are not pants! [2]


please i am still surprised that she is still on the show. Anyone would be an improvment than her!


Ugh! Tights are not pants!


wow her outfit is the worst ive ever seen. lol. eww


What the fugg is she wearing?!!


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