Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage Dish on Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl executive producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz recently spoke with New York Magazine and offered some interesting insight on what's to come on this and future seasons of Gossip Girl. Here are a few items ...

  • The cast will, indeed, go to college next year. "One of the problems with 90210, for example, was that their stage was high school," Savage said. "We feel like ours is New York." There are many colleges in New York, they explained, pointing out that the education element is not central to the show. They don't even have a classroom set. "And some of them won't go to school, let's be honest," Schwartz joked.
  • Even though Kelly Rutherford (Lily van der Woodsen) is pregnant, they won't be writing a baby into the script. "We'll write around it," Savage said.
Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage
  • New York, and the Palace Hotel specifically, are great places to film - and are happy to embrace even a show that depicts underage drinking, drug use, and limo sex. "When we filmed The OC, we couldn't even get a permit to fly a helicopter over the beach," Schwartz said. "We're grateful New York has lower standards."
  • There will be (as one commenter pointed out) a new villain introduced soon: Jack Bass, uncle of Chuck! Dum Dum DUM!
  • Savage and Schwartz loved Ed Westwick from the moment he came in to read (for the role of Nate!). "But he looks like a serial killer!" the network protested.
  • Some of our beloved characters will be returning! "You might not have seen the last of Georgina Sparks," Schwartz said. "It's hard to imagine a boarding school for bad girls in Idaho would be able to hold her for long," Savage added.

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It would be nice to see a couple like Rufus and Lilly in real love for years reunite for good on the show , give some hope and stability to the crazyness of this so uncertain and unstable world.
Young kids are certainly very influencable, and despite her love for Rufus, giving up a baby at 19 is not something so unforgiveable if he is truly in love with her.
Plus, it would be nice to see a baby in the show instead of all this sex oriented dry love that seems to dominate the whole show and is not TOO MUCH HOPE for TEENS.


"But he looks like a serial killer." ROFL LMAO!!!!!!! *helpless with laughter*


Serena never did anything bad to Georgina, but Georgina tried to wreck her life anyway. Why would she stop now?


I would like to see Georgina return if it means we get to see Blair kick her @$$ for the second time. lol.


I think if G will seek revenge on B, im sure C will help B...remember the time when B got into a fight with C and when G was back to haunt S's past, B & C became friends again just to help S!


Thank Goodness Ed was cast as Chuck. I cannot imagine anyone playing a better Chuck, evil but we so wanna root for him. Haha.
And so perfect for Leighton's Blair. Dynamic Duo. The writers had better put those two together OFTEN if they want ratings to soar. Hot!
Maybe Georgina can come back, plot terrible revenge against Blair and Chuck comes to her rescue? A little fairy tale hero-damsel in distress moment is good entertainment. Perhaps even an alternate universe "period drama" episode or two? Days of the dukes and duchesses.


Don't you remember. C said that G is a psyho bitch and that she left scars on his back or something like that.:D
So I definitely think she won't be able to seduce C. S, B, N and C know how she is.


Hey, what about Vanessa's gettin' involved with an older guy [got the info from a spoiler website]...i'm just curious...


Maybe G will seek revenge to B (definitely) and Dan as well!! and i love Ed as Chuck too!! hhehhhe...and he does have that serial killer look (very hot look though!)

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