Kara Dioguardi: I'm Not Bitchy!

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In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kara Dioguardi speaks on the challenges facing her for season eight of American Idol.

A few excerpts:

On her personality: "Oh, I'm not gonna be this nice on the show"

On advice for contestants: "Don't cheese me out. It's not a wedding band. And emote. Make me feel like you mean it. Don't just sing the way the song was written. That was Mariah's interpretation. Now what are you gonna do?"

On fellow judges: "They're like brothers and sisters at this point. And I'm like the long-lost cousin who they're not sure they wanted to see, but now they're like, Okay, you can stay for dinner."

On viewer reaction: "They may think my intensity and my boldness are bitchy. I hope not. I don't think I'm bitchy."

Ready to Judge

Are you excited to see Kara Dioguardi on American Idol?

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