Laura Breckenridge to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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Chuck and Nate may be paying a lot more attention in class come Spring.

Sources confirm to Entertainment Weekly that Laura Breckenridge (Related) is joining the Gossip Girl cast as Rachel Carr, a young, idealistic and fresh-faced new English teacher who arrives at their posh prep school, Constance Billard.

She's an extremely young teacher, but a teacher all the same.

Laura Breckenridge

At 25, Breckenridge - who is booked for a minimum of three Gossip Girl episodes - is only a few years older than Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.

In fact, Gossip Girl producers are already acknowledging that fact right at the start, when Miss Carr gets mistaken for a student on her very first day.

No word on potential love interests, but we do know the first student she butts heads with: Blair Waldorf. The two don't exactly hit it off. Shocker!

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Hi. Good site.


Well i totally agree with most of u guys!!! That teacher is going to hook up with DAn for sure.
And blair will most likely bring out her bitchy side when it comes to defending Serena, her best friend. Seing as S really truly knows that her future lies with D she'll definately fight for her prince charming. Sure it's gonna take a lot of blair bitch projects to get this job underway and maybe some heart to heart conversations between S and lonely boy, but who says this little misunderstanding won't take time. I'm guessing Serena's going to have to give up her wasted relationship with Aaron sooner or later, who knows if that dicision will come easy with some twisted lie that A has been hiding from S...
It looks like we'll all have to unwillingly wait for the truly beloved character we'll all miss too much, we know, you know, we love you xoxo, LovetoGossipGirl.


Unfortunately the new hot teacher and Dan will hook up in the future episodes:( because in the book series She and Dan are together :( i cant bear up their relationship.i m always looking forward the reunion D and S :(


i agree with jen21. they are dragging the chuck/blair thing for too long its only getting more annoying. and wtf @james??!! anyways shes extremely cute.


I really really really hope its not Chuck coz they're dragging the whole thing with Blair out for too long now. Now Dan would be interesting - it would make sense that the teacher would go for the student most engaged with the topic she is teaching.


A little teacher-student romance between Dan and Rachel, perhaps?? He's into Literature afterall.


i hope it gonna be DAN! it will interesting but i hear from TVspoiler that georgina will be back to. Ow ow.. ow.. 2 enemies for Blair. But i'm sure Queen B can handle that! You go girl!


I think Blair and the ENGLISH teacher will hate each other because B is always, u know, a little bitchy to newcomers. Then somehow maybe she flunked English (but that's not possible) I dunno maybe she will tease the teacher badly as B thought she's a student during the first day...and Dan probably talked to her thinking she was a student and they both like English so Dan will be attracted to her... i do hope its not Chuck or Nate but i guess its not possible cuz C is still in love with B and N is dating yea


In fact, Gossip Girl producers are already acknowledging that fact right at the start, when Miss Carr gets mistaken for a student on her very first day. ^^ Obviously when Blair and her butt heads but I don't think she'll be hooking up with Chuck. Doesn't seem likely but Dan does make more sense. I feel like they don't give him enough storylines. They usually revolve around Serena except for the rare occasion like the Chuck/Bart/Story one. Plus she is an English teacher ;] haha


I hope that C doesnt do anythig but I have missed blairs bitchyness so maybe this teach will bring that back!!


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