Leighton Meester Rocks in Reebok

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Let's hear it for Gossip Girl fashion - on and off the set!

Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) will star in new ads for Reebok shoes.

That makes her the show's second cast member to land a major endorsement deal for sneakers - last month, Ed Westwick became the new face (feet?) of K-Swiss.

Here are some pictures of Leighton Meester modeling a few different types of company's sneakers. Hey, if anyone can make those work, it's Miss Meester!

Leighton Meester For Reebok
Leighton Meester in Reeboks

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I actually want a pair of high top reeboks real bad haha


She is gorgeous!!!


but leighton in her white outfit makes her butt looks hot...eventhough it is a little plump...she looks bootylicious!


she is slim but...wearing white clothes always makes you look fatter, whereas black makes you look thinner! gorgeous everytime!


awwwh. but, is it me or does leighton's ass look extra plump with the white skinnies? never knew...


omg i want those shoes!!!


I absolutely love the picture where she's wearing a leather pencil skirt. Her hair looks fabulous! I agree, her career is headed in the right direction. I also can't wait for her album to be released. :3


she is so pretty and such a great actress:)


She really rocks those outfits. I wish her success. She totally deserves it.


I love the white outfit with white and pink sneakers. I'd actually buy the white and pink ones.

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