Private Practice Caption Contest VII

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Welcome to another edition of the Private Practice Insider Caption Contest.

This week's Caption Contest was won by Stephanie (like the Heroes reference) with an honorable mention to Greys404. Nice work, all. Scroll down to see the winning entry, and best of luck again in this week's all-new Caption Contest!

Hey, Whoa!

Dang eclipse! Lost my powers.

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    Sam: Stand back, I will handle this situation... Naomi: You can't be serious... Violet: Sam you know that much cake will make your sugar sky rocket...


    Naomi: Sam, why is Archer bleeding? What did you do?? Sam: Archer tried to get in Violet's pants. Violet: So none of us can sleep with him?!


    LOL thx :) Bailey and Cristina gave me the idea :P


    Ahhhh! Greys404! I LOVE YOURS! LOL


    Sam: Did we just see what we thought we saw? Naomi: Yeah, I think we did. Violet (thinking): Sam, Naomi, and I should tell Addison what we just saw her brother doing.


    Sam: "And those are just 5 reasons why I am better in bed than you, Archer! They don't call me Dr. Feel Good for nothing!" Violet (thinking) : "Wow, I was thinking of sleeping with Archer, but maybe I will hook up with Sam instead, that sounds impressive!"


    Sam: I have a dream...
    Naomi : I share that dream.
    Violet: I don'


    Sam: I'm God! I'm better than God! I can satisfy her with my mind! Violet: Dr FEEL GOOD syndrome..... Sam? We can get through it. Would 5:00 work for you?


    Sam: Did you see how far that booger flew off of my hand? Naomi: Wow. That was better distance than last time. Voilet: Sam...that's landed on my jacket.


    Violet: Sam what are you doing?
    Sam: Vingadium Leviosaa!
    Naomi: Oh c'mon Sam you're not Harry Potter don't torture this mouse