Real-Life Aaron Rose Not a Fan of Gossip Girl Counterpart

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From the lighter side of Gossip Girl news comes this funny story in the New York Post about someone even more weirded out about Aaron Rose than most.

The real Aaron Rose.

For weeks, many Gossip Girl fans have been ranting on sites like this one about its least popular character - greasy, disaffected downtown artist wannabe and Serena van der Woodsen love interest of indeterminate age, Aaron Rose.

Count the real-life Aaron among those who are far from pleased.

"I wish they would have made him cooler," says the former downtown artist who says he was contacted by a Gossip Girl writer six months ago, then heard nothing.

"It's funny and it's flattering, but there's a part of me that's like, 'Oh, go after them - this is not cool. They're messing with my reputation.'"

Aaron Rose vs. Aaron Rose

One reason: The fictional Aaron Rose - played by John Patrick Amedori - is clearly way older than Serena van der Woodsen, the high-schooler he's dating.

He enjoys layered scarves that  drown his diminutive frame; attempts to grow out a patchy goatee and creepy moustache and says things like, "I don't know how you do it in high school, but I enjoy dating more than one person at a time."

Worse, he makes and displays bad art.

The real Aaron Rose is now 39. He, too, is an artist, and in 1992 founded and opened the Alleged Gallery on Ludlow Street. The tiny gallery helped pioneer the Lower East Side as a home for scenesters and misfits - and Rose showed early work by now-established artists such as Mike Mills, Shepard Fairey and Spike Jonze.

Real Rose - who now lives in Los Angeles - became a Lower East Side fixture, known to like-minded souls and readers of the downtown bible, Paper magazine.

When the fake Aaron Rose made his debut on Gossip Girl one month ago, the real Aaron Rose was in Europe. He was unaware that his fictional counterpart materialized on a TV show until he was deluged with "about 5,000 text messages."

Now, he gets so many texts when Gossip Girl episodes air that he thinks the show's producers should pick up the tab for his cellphone bill.

"On the one hand, I think it's super-hilarious, and I should be flattered that I'm considered mock-worthy. But - his hair! He has terrible hair!" he says.

The real Aaron Rose adds that the Aaron Rose portrayed on Gossip Girl does not, in any way, comport himself like an actual artist.

"He acts like a model," says Rose. "Like a male model. Anyone who's a visual artist would laugh at him."

He was greatly distraught to hear that fake Aaron's crappy, crappy artwork has been displayed on the air.

"Oh, no!" he exclaims. "Oh, no! Now you're bumming me out."

Most annoying: "He's just not cool. Not like I'm Mr. Cool; I'm not trying to say that. I just think he wasn't a very well-researched character."

The show's producers declined comment.

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The Real Aaron rose is a really chill guy, i met him before. nothing like the tv version.


oh wait, i totally misread that article! cancel out everything i said! i though they were talking about aaron in the show but they were talking about another random called aaron, my badd


AARON IS 39 YEARS OLD!!!! Omfg, i knew he was older than serena/blake but not THAT old! blake is like 22 and aaron is 39, that is wayyyyyy worse than nate/jenny! anyway the actor seems kinda cool and bold. what he said about the character not being reasearched is sooooo true. it seems like the writers rushed into making a love interest for serena and made a hald-hearted attempt.


OMG ARE THE GOSSIP GIRL WRITERS TRYING TO MAKE ME DIE EVERYTIME I WATCH IT?! I HATE aaron with a burning passion, i don't understand why S even likes him, ok i'm sorry to the actor but AARON LOOKS A GOAT! i cant even begin to express my hatred towards this character, i almost hate him as much as georgina and catherine and thats saying a lot. when i read the books i pictured him looking more like the actor who plays Chris Abeley in the clique movie.ok and to end this rant on aaron. SERENA AND DAN NEED TO GET BACK TOGETHER!! OMG i literally just thought of the best thing ever....AARON AND VANESSA!!! they are the two most hated characters on the show so why not put them together?


haha yeah the show made vanessa COMPLETELY different. perhaps the real aaron rose should understand that cecily von ziegesar didn't choose his name so that he could complain that the character on a show doesn't compare to him. i really hope he's kidding about the cell phone bill, haha.


Aaron in the books was one of my favorite characters. He was completely different, and soo my type. I was looking forward to him, but the show screwed him up just like Vanessa.


In the book series Aaron Rose wasn't a visual artist! His character/personality in the book series is totally different to how he is in the tv show
I really don't think Aaron in the tv series was based on this real Aaron Rose
Its just a coincedence they share the same name


Whoa! There's actually a person named Aaron Rose out there?
Maybe the author of gossip girl knows him, then add a character named Aaron Rose, a visual artist in the book series.


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