Round Table: "It's a Wonderful Lie"

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As fans sound off in our It's a Wonderful Lie" include memorable quotes and fashion statements, couples we love and others we don't, and Lily's mysterious secret ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Gotta give it to B's posse member for the dis and V for the retort: Penelope: "Oh, hello, weird documentary girl." Vanessa: "Oh, hello, sad Blair wannabe." Snap!

Mister Meester: Dorota telling Blair she was examining possible dates via Facebook. LOL. First the Britney Spears ringtone, now this! Who knew Dorota was so hip?

Gossip Guy: Sorry, Chuck. It looks like my quote goes to Dan for two round tables in a row! When Serena said that she thought sex was meaningful to Dan, he responded with "It is, especially when I haven't had it in awhile." It had me laughing out loud! Though Dorota, some of your quotes put you a close second!

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2. At the ball, whose moments tugged at your heartstrings the most: Dan and Serena, Rufus and Lily, or Blair and Chuck?

DANdy: Can there be any doubt? No offense to Lufus or Derena, but watching Chair's scheming and witty, sexy courtship is the unquestioned highlight of the series.

Mister Meester: When Rufus said he was afraid to tell Lily how he felt, and she longed to hear it, their faces said more than words ever could. We all love the antics of the Upper East Side teens, but these two are the heart and soul of the series.

Gossip Guy: Oh, I definitely have to give this one to Derena. OMG it got really dusty in the room when they both talked about their first time being the greatest night in their lives. Will you two just shut up already and get back together?!? I don't know how much more I can handle of this.

3. Best Gossip Girl fashion statement: Serena's ball gown, Chuck's sparkly tuxedo, the see-through dresses, or Nate's bangs (sorry)?

Mister Meester: A sparkly tuxedo and striped bow tie? Really? That's beyond ridiculous, even for Chuck Bass. Yet somehow completely in character.

Gossip Guy: I'm sorry, I was too busy staring at Serena's boobs to notice there were other characters on the show.

DANdy: The see-through dress, because 1. Isabel probably wasted $1,000 on hers, 2. It wasn't that revealing, especially compared to anything Serena wears, yet it was a major focal point of the episode, and 3. Vanessa has a great body, who knew? No wonder Nate wanted to take her somewhere with a little backlighting, at least.

4. Did Nate make the right decision?

Gossip Guy: Really? You're asking me if Nate choosing Vanessa was the right choice? Seriously? I don't think anyone choosing Vanessa for anything short of "who should leave the show?" is the right choice. Nate, have you looked in the mirror lately? You're pretty. Why are you with Vanessa? Have you looked at her recently? 'Nuff said.

DANdy: Yes, if for no other reason than not risking a prison term as he might with Jenny Humphrey. Nate and Vanessa have little in common, but he is an attractive fellow, and you know she secretly longs to be part of the Upper East Side world.

Mister Meester: I actually think Nate has better chemistry with Vanessa than with Jenny, and that he came around for the right reasons - he saw Vanessa show maturity by owning up to stealing the card, while J, conversely, took out her frustrations with a terrible stunt. I'm curious to see where the NV relationship goes!

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5. What happened with Lily in the institution that Bart's PI discovered?

Gossip Guy: The better question is, with Bart and the PI getting into a crash, will we ever find out?

DANdy: The promo for next week shows a pissed-off Chuck confronting Lily, and (I think) hints that he is going to sell information about her to the highest bidder. What could generate that kind of interest - from Chuck or from a buyer?

Mister Meester: If the man said Bart "is gonna want to hear" this, and he already knows so much, it's gotta be big. An abortion wouldn't warrant shock - Bart already has a gay stepson now. My guess is either that Rufus the father of Eric, or Rufus and Lily have another love child who will be revealed later.


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I'm thinking that with what happened with Lily in the institution if it's a lovechild the programme was saying that Rufus and Lily went out a while ago when they were young so unless they an affair after each were married the first time if there is a love child they would have to be dan and serenas age or older. Dan and serena are ruled out becoz that would be too icky i guess so maybe it could be Aaron(serenas boyfriend) because they have emphasised the fact that Aaron and Serena haven't slept together yet or maybe the lovechild could be Chuck coz Serana hasn't slept with him and chuck never knew his mother so he could be adopted anyway or i guess there could be no love child and they're leading us on the wrong track.
Sorry bout my ramblings:), hope that makes some sort of sense.


as far as lily having a love child with rufus, i know that everyone thinks that either their love child is "out there" or it is eric. contrarily, i think that rufus' and lily's love child is jenny. in retrospect, lily has always seemed extremely protective of jenny, especially in the past couple episodes (ex: when jenny and rufus were having problems and etc)


nate is a fucking idiot. he is so stupid. i guess he deserves vanessa they can be outcasts who are hated on the upper east side forever.


yeah, i agree with you all...i feel so bad about jenny, NATE is f-ing womanizer! Jenny should be with him....oh one thing i love about this episode is the hilarity of Dorotha...she's so funny..i hope Gossip Girl would have at least one or two hilarious moment in each episode...I LAUGHED THE PART WHEN DOROTHA USES FACEBOOK TO FIND THE PERFECT GIRL FOR CHUCK!! HAHAHAHAH...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
Dorota: "Facebook! I join few grrroups!" and then Blair:"Pfft! His shoes if you're lucky!" The way that was said was so win...I love Leigh. 2. At the ball, whose moments tugged at your heartstrings the most: Dan and Serena, Rufus and Lily, or Blair and Chuck? Chuck and Blair. Especially when Blair heartbreakingly begs him to change him to change his mind about them, without really saying it. Just the bit of desperation in her voice while she asked why on earth they can't be together. And Chuck having regrets about his decision too... So sweet. 3. Best Gossip Girl fashion statement: Serena's ball gown, Chuck's sparkly tuxedo, the see-through dresses, or Nate's bangs (sorry)? Chuck's tux. Only a man as crazy as Chuck would ever wear that. It's risky. 4. Did Nate make the right decision? Yes. 5. What happened with Lily in the institution that Bart's PI discovered?
She was suicidal because Cece forced her to give her child away and stay away from Rufus.

Jennys bff

i feel so bad for jenny..NATE IS THE REAL WOMANIZER. from blair to serena to vanessa to jenny to marcus' step mom.. he was involved with all the characters one way or another..
he does not care for anybody's feeling too..
he said "she lied to you, she went around your back, so what?". f***! that's a big deal nate! don't forget vanessa also lied to jenny and she even stole ur letter for her..argh!

Jennys bff

fave quote:
b: what do we have chuck?
c: tonight. so shut up...and dance with me. fave scene:
when b and c saw the dates they got for each other hooking up. b was hilariuos..she had me laughing so!


@waverly i think the only problem with the love triangle is Nate himself! LOL...and there's nothing wrong with Jenny or Vanessa..


nate quote: "she lied to you, she went around your back, so what?" well excuse you assface that is a pretty big deal when your friend betrays you! who does nate think he is, her father? how can HE talk to her about hurting vanessa when he got with jenny and didn't even run after vanessa like jenny did? and now suddenly he has feelings for her again? when he told jenny off i wanted her to slap him in the face hard. nate doesn't deserve either of them. he can spend his life hooking up with random ugly college chicks. he has absolutely NO RIGHT in the world to chatsise jenny like that when he used her, took advantage of her because she is younger and less experienced, betrayed her and then got with her friend. nate thinks about nobody but himself and doesn't care about anyone elce's feelings but his own. he is the definiton of selfish.


vanessa + nate = NO CHEMISTRY. each of thier kisses was like *cringe* disgusting. i didn't feel anything. and when nate was talking to her he didn't seem like he meant it. i hope vanessa gets off the show, she's ugly i honestly do not understand why anyne finds her pretty. she looks like a walrus.

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