Round Table: "It's a Wonderful Lie"

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As fans sound off in our It's a Wonderful Lie" include memorable quotes and fashion statements, couples we love and others we don't, and Lily's mysterious secret ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Gotta give it to B's posse member for the dis and V for the retort: Penelope: "Oh, hello, weird documentary girl." Vanessa: "Oh, hello, sad Blair wannabe." Snap!

Mister Meester: Dorota telling Blair she was examining possible dates via Facebook. LOL. First the Britney Spears ringtone, now this! Who knew Dorota was so hip?

Gossip Guy: Sorry, Chuck. It looks like my quote goes to Dan for two round tables in a row! When Serena said that she thought sex was meaningful to Dan, he responded with "It is, especially when I haven't had it in awhile." It had me laughing out loud! Though Dorota, some of your quotes put you a close second!

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2. At the ball, whose moments tugged at your heartstrings the most: Dan and Serena, Rufus and Lily, or Blair and Chuck?

DANdy: Can there be any doubt? No offense to Lufus or Derena, but watching Chair's scheming and witty, sexy courtship is the unquestioned highlight of the series.

Mister Meester: When Rufus said he was afraid to tell Lily how he felt, and she longed to hear it, their faces said more than words ever could. We all love the antics of the Upper East Side teens, but these two are the heart and soul of the series.

Gossip Guy: Oh, I definitely have to give this one to Derena. OMG it got really dusty in the room when they both talked about their first time being the greatest night in their lives. Will you two just shut up already and get back together?!? I don't know how much more I can handle of this.

3. Best Gossip Girl fashion statement: Serena's ball gown, Chuck's sparkly tuxedo, the see-through dresses, or Nate's bangs (sorry)?

Mister Meester: A sparkly tuxedo and striped bow tie? Really? That's beyond ridiculous, even for Chuck Bass. Yet somehow completely in character.

Gossip Guy: I'm sorry, I was too busy staring at Serena's boobs to notice there were other characters on the show.

DANdy: The see-through dress, because 1. Isabel probably wasted $1,000 on hers, 2. It wasn't that revealing, especially compared to anything Serena wears, yet it was a major focal point of the episode, and 3. Vanessa has a great body, who knew? No wonder Nate wanted to take her somewhere with a little backlighting, at least.

4. Did Nate make the right decision?

Gossip Guy: Really? You're asking me if Nate choosing Vanessa was the right choice? Seriously? I don't think anyone choosing Vanessa for anything short of "who should leave the show?" is the right choice. Nate, have you looked in the mirror lately? You're pretty. Why are you with Vanessa? Have you looked at her recently? 'Nuff said.

DANdy: Yes, if for no other reason than not risking a prison term as he might with Jenny Humphrey. Nate and Vanessa have little in common, but he is an attractive fellow, and you know she secretly longs to be part of the Upper East Side world.

Mister Meester: I actually think Nate has better chemistry with Vanessa than with Jenny, and that he came around for the right reasons - he saw Vanessa show maturity by owning up to stealing the card, while J, conversely, took out her frustrations with a terrible stunt. I'm curious to see where the NV relationship goes!

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5. What happened with Lily in the institution that Bart's PI discovered?

Gossip Guy: The better question is, with Bart and the PI getting into a crash, will we ever find out?

DANdy: The promo for next week shows a pissed-off Chuck confronting Lily, and (I think) hints that he is going to sell information about her to the highest bidder. What could generate that kind of interest - from Chuck or from a buyer?

Mister Meester: If the man said Bart "is gonna want to hear" this, and he already knows so much, it's gotta be big. An abortion wouldn't warrant shock - Bart already has a gay stepson now. My guess is either that Rufus the father of Eric, or Rufus and Lily have another love child who will be revealed later.


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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? Blair to Dorota - "What are you staring at? Go polish something." 2. At the ball, whose moments tugged at your heartstrings the most: Dan and Serena, Rufus and Lily, or Blair and Chuck? Blair and Chuck. Duh. They are why I watch the show. 4. Did Nate make the right decision? His decision will help him avoid a prison sentence - jailbait anybody? Little J is 15. And Vanessa is hotter. But I'm sure they will break up, Nate will hook up with some girl that he won't remember later. And then somehow he will love Serena again. Blah blah blah. And I don't see why he got so mad at Little J. This is the dude that was with Blair forever. He should be used to some bitch backstabbing. He didn't lecture Blair after she falsely accused Serena as being in rehab for drugs in Season One, Episode Three. What? Was he too busy serving drinks? 5. What happened with Lily in the institution that Bart's PI discovered? I am assuming that we are going to learn about the love child that Lily and Rufus spawned back in the day. This is what I've heard from spoilers, but who knows. After those chuck/blair doppelganger scripts didn't end up in the episode, I don't know what spoilers to believe anymore! Oh, and the preview for next week looks freaking amazing! Chuck disheveled! Omg!


I actually think V is lovely and my 2nd favourite after B of course. I mean she is a good person deep down and isnt like some selfish self-centred jenny who doesn't care about her dad who loves her so much and is always wanting to act rich and so easily influenced by the blair wannabes. I love Chuck and Blairs relationship and agree with chuck that once they actually say those three words or go out etc, things will be ruined so they just have to wait for the right time, maybe after bart passes away and chuck grows up altho i still love chuck now. Dorota is as always adorable. Derena should totally get together! didnt really like serena's dress though. Nate is weird because he's been with every girl on the show yet still looks sweet maybe cause he's a real charmer. about the love child between Lily and Rufus, if it's true, it's probably eric, they did say stuff abt how he has the humprey hair etc in season 1.well, we'll just have to wait! oh just curious, do any ofu watch 90210?and if u do, do u like it?


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
Chuck- Tonight. So Shut up...and dance with me. 2. At the ball, whose moments tugged at your heartstrings the most: Dan and Serena, Rufus and Lily, or Blair and Chuck? Definitely Chuck/Blair.I love those two they are meant for each other.
Chuck's sparkly tuxedo, the see-through dresses, or Nate's bangs (sorry)? Chuck in that tuxedo. OMFG! So HOT! 4. Did Nate make the right decision? Nate's an idiot. He has been with every main girl character on the show.And every tie he's sooooooo in love. He annoys me. 5. What happened with Lily in the institution that Bart's PI discovered?
She had a baby with rufus, then she gave it to adoption and then the kid died. ( read it on spoilers)

Lil m

As any BFF would do.. Ofcourse you tell her, her date is hot.
You don't want again to let a guy get in between do you?


@ggaddicted Vermont (I think). Doing art. And her sister is a punk lesbian musician. But I don't want to launch myself in a "non-conventional families and messed-up kids" (as they say on Euronews - No Comment time). I guess Vanessa is a kind of a "Liquorice sweet character". You like her a lot or you absolutely don't.


Okay..ur right..nd u have made some good points..but I still like vanessa..although I did hate her in the whole marcus situation..I think she is just impatient..nd maybe she feels like she can't depend on anyone..whenever she asks for help she always jumps the gun, not even givin the person a chance..maybe her parents have something to do with this..I mean where are her parents?..just a thought


@ggaddicted Precisely! Vanessa's too perfect. Too nice, always doing the right thing (until she stole the letter) and she always has a well-inspired answer like "honest communication is the base of a good relationship etc". And she likes to mess around in a saint way - remember the Marcus-Mummy picture? Remember when Dan was about to have sex with Serina fir the first time? Remember her reading Nate's essay? Remember when Nate said (in the Sarah-Georgina arc) "I'm coming, don't move." on Linkinhawk concert and she went right to Georgina and confronted her so Georgina could make a cover in front of Dan.


I am GG's #1 fan and I think this episode was not bad at all. Last week and the week before, but this one was not bad. I liked it! I laughed! Though my sense of humor my be questionable, since I on occasions laugh at knock, knock jokes.
What was off:
1) Lily has been a b*tch with Bart waaaay before she found out about his manila envelopes. I think she is gathering everything she can to excuse herself from her marriage with Bart.
2)Blair saying that Aaron is hot. No, he is not hot. Why in the world would she say he is hot? Is it because he comes from money? Eww! he is your soon to be step-brother.
3) Serena or Blake, I think we all understand that you have a killer rack. Cover it up some before you catch pneumonia. You are starting to cross the line from "Marilyn Monroe Sexy" to "Pam Anderson Sexy". Has anyone seen the stills from her in that ball gown? It is cut short in the front to show off her legs! Too much skin!
4) Chuck and Blair clones were way ugly. Frankly, I look more and act more like Blair than her clone. Chuck's looked like he was 15 years old.
And the bet storyline is old and annoying, but the stakes were the best part. SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE LOST!!
5) Aaron rose, Brown is calling you! You need to pack-up and leave and then you should permanitly move to Europe and never return to NYC. Just like Carter Baizen, and Lord Marcus.
6)Rufus and Lily. Please! You had your chance! Move on people!
7) I like the idea of Nate & Vanessa, but every time they have kissed they have no chemistry.
Aaron's art of Serena does look like a Gap ad! Maybe it is?
9) I felt like this episode ended abruptly. Needed a better ending.
What went well:
1) Dorota.
2)Chuck in every every shot. Even in sequins.
3)Lexie is mean, but I thought she was funny in a very mean b*tchy way.
4)Nate and Vannesa.
5) Vannessa looked beautiful!
6)Jenny stood up for herself. Way to go J!
7)Thank you Nate for ending things with Jenny. She is waaay tooo young and immature. She needs someone her own age and without family issues like Nate.
Jenny is going back to school?
My thoughts about the characters on upcoming episodes:
1)Chuck is out for blooooood! That is from Lily!
2)Lily's secret is deeper than a stint at a mental facility.
3) Chuck and Blair will begin to have an actual relationship due to the upcoming events. I think they will finally be close. Sure, Chuck may push Blair away, but she will insist. Blair is very instinctively maternal and she will comfort Chuck in his time of need, just like she did with Serena.
6) Watch out everyone for a super angry Chuck! Everyone will feel his wrath.
4) Money fight between Lil and Chuck.


1. Fav. Quote:
All Dorota's scenes lol. They were amazing funny. 2. Fav. Moment:
I think I would chose the three of them 'cuz I right now Im living Serena's situation; then Rufus&Lily kinda gives me hope to my own love story and Chair is just to die for =( 'cuz I understand how Blair's feels and her frustration of not being able of work things out. 3. Fashion statment:
I like Serena's dress so i give my vote to that xd. 4. Right decision?:
Yes, I think he chose wisely since little J needs time to grow up. 5. Bart's PI Discovery?:
Mmmm I totally support the idea of Lily having a baby and giving it for adoption. What I am really curious
is how and when did Bart die since we can see that PI is alive.


OK, cant remember where I found this, but Lily had Rufus' child without telling him. She put him up for adoption and in a future episode Lily tells Rufus all of this.
Lily and Rufus meet with the adoption agency to try and track their child down.
They meet with their son's adoptive parents to discover that their son died in a ?waterskiing? (it had something to do with water...) accident a couple of years prior.
So... yeah :)
Sounds like there is a HUGE episode coming up!!! Where was my DS explosion??
Chair are ok... but DS is where the true love is

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