Tamra Barney Fights Back Agaist Gretchen Rossi

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Tamra Barney is never one to keep her mouth shut.

In response to recent comments by Gretchen Rossi, a fellow Real Housewife of Orange County that claimed Tamra made an insensitive remark about Rossi's fiancé, Barney has a simple reply: I did not!

"I have never made a statement about Jeff," Tamra wrote in an email to E! Online, referring to Rossi's former love, who passed away in Septemner from leukemia. "I never met the man. May he RIP!"

Tamra Barney Photo

Of course, Tamra can't help but get a shot in at Gretchen in the process: "The only time we heard Gretchen speak of Jeff was when the cameras were turned ON."

As for her relationship with the new Housewife, Barney isn't exactly inviting.

"I told her from day one I was not here to be her friend," Tamra wrote. "This is a working relationship...I might be judged harshly for my sharp tongue RIGHT NOW, but keep watching! I judge people on their actions and not their words."

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Tamra barney, u are the ugliest to look at on the show. Please somebody take her off...her nostrils are so flared like she's been picking her nose all day. She tries so hard to bring Gretchen down, but will never win. Gretchen is hot and sexy and more respect worthy than they Tamra, the tranny!


I LOVE GRETCHEN!!!! You can see the envy in Tamara's eyes when she looks at her!!!! Jealousy is a disease and Tamra has got it bad!!!!


Wow! How did all of you judgmental people with all the answers arrive at the point in your lives’ that you are so bloody perfect?! The rest of us flawed human beings are waiting for YOU to fix the problems in the world and bring on world peace. Since you have all the answers about what makes each individual on this earth behave in the ways in which they do, why not use your special skills for helping the world by making peace and not creating hurt and ANGER....oh and one more thing..be honest..have the balls to say who you really are...don't pretend to be the cast of a TV show unless you are truly mentally ill and have no concept of reality...if that is the case please get help....life is an awesome gift.


i was looking for gretchen, found tammy filing charges on her ex oold man...that sealed that deal! i do not watch oc, will not watch...but i love me those big black alanta wimmen...now, there is some real class! as in a class by itself! poor little tammy...you are not only a ghetto tramp...you did not have your first child live with you when he needed a home, no, his own mother threw him over. i don't care how old he is-he needed you-you are supposed to be there for him? wtf is wrong with yo self? -don be gittin pregnant if you ain't gonna be there for yo son/chilens...sent him to live with yo momma!...threw him under a bus to keep your simon...for what? now yo ain't even got simon! threw yo kid out! you are straight up trash!and simon? he just got fed up with trying to coach you on how to act like a lady...simon, it is hopeless. tammy likes to act ghetto trashy as that is just what she is! bushetto! and gretchen...younger and more beautiful than you...does not trade getting pregnant and having too many kids[you should only replace yourself on this planet], just to have a man to support her. you are sloppy lazy, gurl! go git yoself a truck driving job! because if yo want to work,yo not be gittin' pregnant so much. yo be goin' on the pill or somthin! hey, if gretchen be lonely and want to live with a apparently very gut lover of other[oc] women...hey, that is all right.she be yung and ver purty. does tammy support gretchen? no...does tammy support tammy? no! and now, neither does simon! and who be watchin' yo babies while yo out wit other mens? in a hole nuther state? mens don take you to vegas w/o you givin' up some gut tramp stuf. yo likes ppl lookin' at yo and knowin' yo got keds at home in another state? they be lookin' and thinkin' what a slut! yo sho never go witf yo ex ol mans frenis! yo sho enuf never wanna do dat! yo sho don't make enough money to pay yo bills and pay a babysitter. yo probably ain't even usin' condoms, oh yeah, git pregnant by another man, than yo can throw those other chilin under a bus so's yo can be with yo new mans!git a grip! gurl, you are over 40 and you want to dress like lindsay , but you do not have that youthful sveltness. you have trampness! think your kids won't see this mess on internet? they will see all of it! and vicki? she be so ugly my tv turns its own channel. stupid, too.


Tamara is just a bitch. She has an obsession with Gretchen and it's so obvious that it's due to the fact that Gretchen is hotter than her and she just can't deal with that. Which is further evidence that she's a shallow ho. If you're driven on that level then you suck. What does Gretchen's life and how she chooses to live it have to do with Tamara? NOTHING! I think Gretchen is probably a bit of an opportunist, etc. but who elected Tamara as judge and jury? Tamara, that's who. She gets under my skin. Can't stand that kind of woman. She's only out for herself and doesn't care about anyone else. Ick. Yuck. Gross.


You are a hater....Most of these are your hateful blogs and we know it! You are not at all descret.


Tamra and Vicki Grumplstien are just jealous. It is clear that Gretchen's youth and beauty are too much for them to handle. Vicki needs to come off that high horse of hers before she falls off and gets a mouthful! Silly girls!


Gretchen spent most of her time with jeff at the hospital, they just happen to focus on the time that she wasn't there. While going thru something like that, rather your in the bed sick, or the one taking care of the sick, everyone needs a break. Otherwise they no longer have the healthy, strong additudes needed, to get their sick loved ones thru the tuff times. Not to mention when your the one sick in a hospital bed, the last thing you need on your mind, is guilt. Gretchen taking time out for herself, I'm sure wasn't her idea. Then when she did, Im sure it made jeff feel better about her being there, knowing she took sometime for herself. BIG PIC, its done and over. Move forward! Tamra if you hate her for it, thats fine, drop it. One less thing you need to focus on while tryin to keep your marriage. Focus on your family, and then maybe your husband wont have to remind you everytime you leave the house, to be classy, and to watch what you say. Theres an idea!


I really hope that Tamra reads these things about her and realizes that she is acting like a heinous bitch! Im not saying that Gretchens perfect, but she was what Jeff wanted! She made him happy the time she was in his life. Aside from what everyone thinks about her and jeff, she is a sweet person, and doesn't deserve this treatment from Tamra. Its none of her business. She keeps saying that she is sick of Gretchen playing the victom, and everyone beleiving her lies. But Gretchen doesn't get emotional, angry, or defensive, until Tamra and Vikki attack her. Like Bass Lake? Being a bitch to the housewife that you know is hotter than you, isn't going to make you any younger! And having Vikki as your backup mic just makes it worse. Shes just loud, unhappy, and cant stand it if someone other than her is getting attention. Your in the 40s, have some class, kick the shit, and pay some needed attention to your own families. Let Gretchen enjoy being young, you were there once!
PS Sue Ellen, that has to be you Tamra? If not, churching up your life story to make someone look like shit is pretty low. Everyone has a story, and how they deal with it is up to them. Sounds like your husband is still with you, your lucky. Look Tam up, I bet you guys would be great friends!