A Tranfer of Powers on Heroes

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Not to worry, fans.

Heroes will eventually return.

When the series does finally air a new episode again - on February 2 - E! Online reports that Suresh will still possess super strength. But maybe not for long.

Kristin Dos Santos says Peter will take Mohinder's abilities in order to escape a hairy situation.

Newly Powerful

Look out, Suresh! Peter is coming for your powers!

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also remember his first "girlfriend" the black chick in season one had a cloning abitlity if she gets captured that could seriously hurt sylars chance of getting peter.......or did peter after finding out his power already have the cloning ability and "the clone" is who we saw get captured by arthur?


honestly I think mohinder is going to try and help the hunter along with sylar and after peter gets "collected" he will absorb all the others abilities including the hunters and that is how he will get out the sticky situation especially with Ando's ability


not being rude but if you look closely that my last comment, the part that says "At the end of Season 3" is a different sentence to the one above it. No worries though, I should have been clearer. What I'm trying to say is that when Arthur died at the end of Season 3, he went down a little too easily. And remember Tracy said he needed a public face and wanted Nathan to act out that role? Maybe faking his death and stealing Nathan's identity was his plan all along.


Peter's*** (powers), sorry for the double post!


i think nathan's absorbed powers were wiped clean... as in slate. if i remember correctly, he still had the cut on his cheek after he injected the catalyst.. so, no healing factor yet. he was too unbalanced and god-like. they had to take away some of those.. i mean, every episode brings about questions like.. "why didnt peter just do this? or that?" there's no 'hairy situation' for peter-of-old except for the whole no powers thing.


Guys seem Peter have his powers back right? Well peter powers were to absorbs other people ability well remember right before his powers were taken away he was standing next to his father and even hugged his father that means he could have absorbs his father ability. And since his powers are fully back so his Arthur powers.


"What if Arthur had illusion powers, like Candice did.
At the end of S3"
sure was'nt season 2?


...I don't think it's meant as in STEAL powers necesserily, but as in he'll GET his powers (via absorption, like always)


What if Arthur had illusion powers, like Candice did.
At the end of S3, he made it appear that he'd been killed. Then he stole Nathan's power, murdered him and assumed his identity, kind of like Sylar did in the alternative future from S1.
So, when Peter injected himself with the formula, he got his absorbing powers back but absorbed Arthur's powers of ability-theft. But at the time, he didn't know it was Arthur so the only power he knew he could use was flight.
It would explain why Nathan is suddenly so much colder.


they wouldnt do this to peterr maybe it meant take as in ABSORB Peter uses absorb and take i\as if their the same maybe kristen is doing this too? the writers wouldnt.. no shouldnt take a turn to make peter more Arthur like, of course it would confirm my theory about Peter,Sylar,Linda Tavara and Arthur al having the same ability but use it differently... but i dont rteally want it to be confirmed, i like the mystery plus i;m only 95% right most of the time.

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