Anne Marie Boskovich, T.K. Hash Lead Auditions in Jacksonville

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A total of 16 contestants advanced to Hollywood on last night's American Idol auditions, located in Jacksonville.

We've highlighted four below, though the final two listed definitely made the best impression our staff. What did you think?

Julissa Veloz: 19 years old, beauty pageant contestant. Sang "If I Don't Have You" by Whitney Houston.

Jasmine Murray: 16-year old high school student, attended the audition with mother and three sisters. Sang "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie.

T.K. Hash: 23-years old, failed to make it past first round on season seven. Sang "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Anne Marie Boskovich: 22-year old, pictured below, sang God Bless America prior to 2003 NBA All-Star Game. Wowed judges with rendition of "Bubbly" by Colbie Callait.

Anne Marie Boskovich Photo

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Hey, that' my cuz!!!!! I didn't get to see TK's performance, but the fam watched it and they were well pleased, but he's a Jesus Kid so I know he rocked it!!! Represent the fam, but most of all represent The 1, Jesus Christ. Go Jesus!!!!


so i love tk and he was NOT trying to be like david from last season. obviously you really didnt listen to his voice. he sounds nothing like him. he's gonna win. hes awesome! DUHHH


T.K. has an amazing voice that sounds like an angel. hes amazing and i know america will fall in love with him!!


My Favorite by far was T.K. Hash - Great, great, voice! I didn't see him audition last year, but I can't wait to hear him sing some more. Not to fail to mention he's adorable. :) And the best Idol name I've heard yet! Congrats


Good luck to Mr. Hash. IMO, he failed miserably in his audition song by trying to be another David archuleta.
DA's 'Imagine' landed 2nd in AOL's Best Idol Song and only DA has the voice and the emotion to do the runs.
Sorry - don't throw any tomatoes at me now!